“A Family Bike Adventure: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jason Statham, and Little Jack Explore the Outdoors”

Celebrity model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley celebrated her 33rd birthday in quarantine with her partner Jason Statham and their young son Jack. However, she took a break from staying indoors on Wednesday to go on a bike ride with her family. The Victoria’s Secret Angel sported long blonde hair that flowed in the wind as she rode a sleek black bicycle.

Outdoor adventure: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ventured outside the confines of her Beverly Hills home to enjoy a bike ride with her main guys on Wednesday afternoon

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stepped out of her Beverly Hills abode on Wednesday afternoon to embark on a thrilling outdoor adventure with her loved ones. The supermodel was dressed for the occasion in a sleek black t-shirt, charcoal grey leggings, and light grey New Balance trainers. To add some elegance to her ensemble, Rosie accessorized with a pair of chic gold sunglasses and a set of delicate chains around her neck. While she enjoyed her bike ride, her partner Jason and son Jack shared a seat on a yellow motorized bike with the number four displayed across the front. Jason kept it casual with a green Nike cap and aviator-style shades in solid black.

Dad and son: Meanwhile, Jason and Jack shared a seat on a yellow motorized bike with the number four emblazoned across the front

Father and son were riding together on a bright yellow motorized bike that had a number four prominently displayed on the front. Their shared adventure was just getting started.

Dressed in all-black, he wore a black tee paired with fitted pants and trendy white-soled sneakers. Jack allowed his dad to take control of the bike as he lightly held onto the handlebars. In search of some relaxation, Rosie took advantage of her Tuesday by indulging in a bath, which she later shared with her Instagram followers. The model was captured mid-bath in a stunning black-and-white photo, where the bubbles were arranged beautifully around her slim figure.

Bath time: Earlier in the day, Rosie enjoyed some well deserve me time in the bath, which she documented on Instagram

Rosie indulged in some much-needed relaxation time by taking a bath earlier in the day, and shared her experience on Instagram.

Rosie took to Instagram before her birthday bash on Saturday and allowed her 11.2 million followers to ask her about her personal life with Jason and Jack. Rosie shared that due to their career commitments being put on hold, she and her fiance have been spending a lot of unexpected time together as a family, which they consider themselves lucky for. She also expressed her desire to expand their family in the future and proudly mentioned how her son, Jack, has acquired a proper English accent despite being raised in Los Angeles.

Not a problem: Rosie recently addressed the elephant in the room, which was her and Jason's 20-year age gap

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the famous model and actress, has finally addressed the elephant in the room by speaking about the 20-year age gap between herself and her fiance, Jason Statham. However, she explained that their age difference has never caused any problems. She even said that they are currently attempting to potty train their son Jack, who will be turning three soon. Since they got engaged in 2016, rumors about their wedding date have been circulating. Nevertheless, the couple seems content with their current status.

Ask away: Prior to her birthday celebration on Saturday, Rosie let her 11.2million on Instagram inquire about her private life with her fiance and son

Feel free to ask: Rosie gave her 11.2 million Instagram followers the opportunity to ask questions about her personal life with her fiancé and son before her upcoming birthday celebration on Saturday.

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