“Action Star Jason Statham and Model Rose Huntington-Whitely List their Hollywood Hills Home for $9M After Purchasing it from Ben Stiller”

Jason Statham and his girlfriend, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, are looking to sell their Hollywood Hills home and make a profit from it. They purchased the Spanish villa-style property from actors Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor in 2011 for $7.35 million and have listed it for sale at $8.999 million.

The house, initially built in 1929 has undergone restoration by Roman & Williams, a New York-based architecture and design studio renowned for their work on Ace Hotel and Standard Highline. The previous owners of this adobe include Lou Diamond Phillips and Gary Oldman. Recently, Ben Stiller and his wife Christine Taylor sold this Mediterranean-style house, measuring 5,334 sq ft, located in the Outpost Estates neighborhood. The property features six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gym, a den, a library/study, living, and family rooms. Its lushly landscaped grounds cover over half an acre and is described as serene, romantic, and elegant with supreme architectural detailing, rivaling Bel Air Hotel. The couple has invested $13 million in buying a new apartment in Beverly Hills earlier this year. Jason Statham, Huntington-Whiteley’s partner is known for his recent works in Expendables 3, Furious 7, and Spy. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, well-known for her role in Mad Max: Fury Road, stated that walking down the street with Jason can be a frenzy as people relate to him, making it tricky. Celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Orlando Bloom, Gore Vidal, Charlize Theron, Felicity Huffman, and William H. Macy have either resided, or currently reside in the neighborhood between Hollywood and West Hollywood.

On the market: Action film star Jason Statham and Victoria¿s Secret model Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley have listed their Hollywood Hills compound for sale at $8.999 million. They bought the property from Ben Stiller and wife Christine Taylor

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, famous for their work as an action film star and Victoria’s Secret model respectively, have recently put up their Hollywood Hills estate for sale at a whopping price of $8.999 million. Interestingly, the couple had purchased this property from Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller earlier.

The Mediterranean-style abode, built in 1929, features a lush garden filled with exotic plants and a stretched-out pool 

A charming home in the Mediterranean style, constructed 92 years ago, boasts of a verdant garden that is teeming with unique flora and fauna, and an elongated swimming pool.

Besides Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, previous owners also include director Lou Diamond Phillips and English filmmaker Gary Oldman

Other notable individuals who have owned the property previously are Lou Diamond Phillips, a film director, and Gary Oldman, a filmmaker from England.

First built in 1929, the house was restored by New York-based design and architecture studio Roman & Williams, known for their work on the Ace Hotel and the Standard Highline

New York-based design and architecture studio Roman & Williams undertook the restoration of a house originally built in 1929. This studio is renowned for their past projects such as the Ace Hotel and the Standard Highline.

The 1929 Mediterranean boasts living and family rooms, a den, a library/study, a gym, six bedrooms and six bathrooms

The Mediterranean house built in 1929 offers an ample living space including family rooms, a den, a library/study, and a gym. It also features six bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Lavish: The large kitchen faces out to the backyard and pool and features all the finest appliances in a black and white theme

The spacious kitchen overlooks the outdoor space and swimming pool, boasting top-of-the-line appliances in a classy black and white color scheme.

Statham and Huntington-Whitely first bought the property in 2011 for $7.325 million. They now hope to get almost $9 million 

Back in 2011, Statham and Huntington-Whitely became the owners of a property which they purchased for around $7.325 million. Currently, they intend to put it up for sale with a price tag of almost $9 million.

Among the many features is an outdoor fireplace, decorated with blue and yellow tiles and situated in a barn-type setting

One of the standout characteristics of this property is its charming outdoor fireplace, adorned with tiles in shades of blue and yellow, all tucked away in a rustic barn-style setting.

Outdoor space: The yard comes with many different enclaves for entertaining or relaxing, such as this spot with a water feature

The outdoor area of the property offers various sections to either entertain or unwind, including this particular spot which features a beautiful water element.

The pool is sunken and separate from the house in order for privacy. By the pool is a cabana with a sitting area 

The swimming pool is located separately from the main house and has a lower level. The purpose behind this design is to ensure privacy and seclusion. Adjacent to the pool, there is a cabana which offers a comfortable seating area.

The compound is walled and super-private, with front gates and plenty of plants to shelter its owners from prying eyes 

The estate is surrounded by tall walls and offers a high level of privacy, complete with secure gates and lush foliage to protect the occupants from unwanted attention.

Secure: Seen here is the well-protected front gate where guests can access the house. There is a separate entrance for cars 

Take a look at this picture of the front gate that provides excellent security to the house. The gate is designed to keep the unwanted visitors out, and it is only accessible to guests who are welcomed. There is also a separate entrance for vehicles, ensuring maximum safety and convenience.

Stunning: As part of the Mediterranean theme, the property has an astonishing amount of different tiles 

Impressive: The estate boasts an impressive variety of tiles that perfectly capture the essence of the Mediterranean ambiance.

The home is listed as 'Serene, romantic, and elegant, with supreme architectural detailing on over half an acre of lushly landscaped grounds that rival the Bel Air Hotel'

The property is described as peaceful, romantic, and sophisticated, with exceptional architectural features on more than 0.5 acres of exquisitely designed grounds that are comparable to those of the Bel Air Hotel.

The home dates back to 192, and has been completely refurbished by by New York-based design and architecture studio Roman & Williams

The residence has a rich history, originating from the year 1920. Recently, it was given a complete renovation by the renowned design and architecture firm located in New York, Roman & Williams.

The 5,334 sq ft home boasts 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and a beautiful pool tucked away in the Hollywood hills

This gorgeous home located in the picturesque Hollywood hills offers a generous 5,334 sq ft of living space. With six bedrooms and six bathrooms, this is the perfect family home for those who enjoy privacy and luxury. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the beautiful pool hidden away on the property.

The sale comes after the pair splashed out $13 million on a new Beverly Hills apartment earlier this year

After purchasing a new apartment in Beverly Hills earlier this year for a staggering $13 million, the couple has now put their previous property on the market for sale.

And what movie star's home would be complete without a proper theater room, finished with photos of famous film stills?

No celebrity home is truly complete without a well-equipped cinema room adorned with iconic movie stills.

Vintage: The house dates all the way back to 1929 but has been significantly restored. Seen here is the master bathroom 

This charming home has a rich history, dating back to 1929. However, it has undergone extensive renovations to restore its original beauty. Featured in the photograph is the luxurious master bathroom.

His and hers: The vast and beautiful Mediterranean that recalls 1920s Hollywood glamour

The Mediterranean, with its vast and stunning beauty, evokes memories of the Hollywood glamour of the 1920s for couples.

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