“Beyonce shows off her iconic curves in a daring thong bodysuit for Ivy Park’s latest photoshoot”

Beyoncé is making waves in the fashion industry with her athletic clothing brand, Ivy Park. In her latest collaboration with Adidas, the music icon is using her own fame as a selling point to attract customers. To further entice fans to purchase from her new collection, Beyoncé has been featuring her well-known face and feminine figure in various promotional campaigns. One example of this is her recent advertisement where she boldly displayed her backside in one of Ivy Park’s revealing pieces.

Promo mode: Beyoncé, 39, took the 'I'm my own best advert' approach and put her derriere on display in the latest promo push for her new Ivy Park collection, a collaboration with Adidas

The promotional strategy for Beyoncé’s new Ivy Park collection in collaboration with Adidas features the singer flaunting her backside in a sultry, yet confident pose. The 39-year-old superstar opted for a light brown vinyl bodysuit with a thong design that leaves little to the imagination. Additionally, she paired it with matching thigh-high boots and styled her blonde tresses in a voluminous fashion with a middle part. Overall, Beyoncé adopted the “I’m my own best advert” approach to publicize her latest collection.

The pop superstar struck a confident but sultry stare, with her backside to the camera, in a light brown vinyl bodysuit and matching thigh-high boots

The famous singer exuded self-assurance while giving a seductive look over her shoulder. She wore a light brown vinyl bodysuit and thigh-high boots in the same shade, accentuating her curves.

Working it: The Get Me Bodied singer struck a side angle in another pose in the vinyl bodysuit

The singer known as Get Me Bodied struck a pose in a vinyl bodysuit, showing off her side profile. Another photo captures Beyonce looking straight ahead, running her fingers through her long hair with a sultry gaze towards the camera. The pictures also revealed some diamond-encrusted necklaces. She flaunted her behind in a light brown vinyl full bodysuit and a vinyl version of Adidas sweatpants. Additionally, there are images of her wearing a long-sleeved brown bodysuit paired with thigh-high vinyl boots. The Texas native knows how to work it!

Bootylicious: The Texas native also put her backside on display in a vinyl full bodysuit

Classic vinyl: The vinyl sweatpants looked to be a version of the classic Adidas design

Beyoncé flaunted her iconic name and feminine figure at a vinyl show by wearing a full-body vinyl suit and sweatpants that featured the signature Adidas stripes along the sides of each leg.

Sultry: The Ivy Park co-founder moved her fingers through her hair in the long-sleeve bodysuit

Marketing: Queen Bey has been using her image consistent during the rollout of this latest collection

The popular singer and successful businesswoman recently showed off her modeling skills while donning a stylish long-sleeve brown bodysuit. During another photo shoot, she sat on the front hood of a car painted in an off-purple hue while wearing an eye-catching hoodie that made her glasses glow with white light. In one picture, Beyoncé posed with her legs crossed, resting her right foot on an Icy Park license plate. She also used her fame and figure to promote the Adidas x Ivy Park collection by wearing a furry white hat and matching coat in a photo that left little to the imagination. Beyoncé launched the Ivy Park clothing line in 2016, which she currently oversees through her management company, Parkwood Entertainment.

Glowing: Her glasses glowed with white light when she modeled an off-purple hoodie while sitting on the front hood of car painted in the identical color.

Radiant: A white light emanated from her spectacles as she flaunted a deep purple hoodie, perched atop the bonnet of a car that bore the same hue.

Promo push: She was all about using her famous face and cleavage when she wore a furry white hat and white coat; the third Adidas x Ivy Park collection drops Friday, February 19

Promotion hype: With the upcoming launch of the third Adidas x Ivy Park collection on Friday, February 19, she showcased her well-known looks by flaunting a luxurious white fur hat and coat, emphasizing her famous face and ample cleavage.

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