Caught on Cam: Jason Statham’s Playful Arrest in New York City

Jason Statham faced a bit of a predicament today in New York, but his fans need not fret as it was all part of the script for his upcoming film, Safe. The scene involved the renowned British action hero being promptly escorted into a police vehicle.

Come along! Jason Statham gets arrested in a scene for new movie Safe in New York

Join us for a glimpse of Jason Statham’s arrest scene in his latest movie, Safe, which was filmed in New York today. The notorious tough guy appeared less intimidating in his casual attire of baggy hoodie, grey hat, and T-shirt, resembling more of a dock worker than a feared hardman. Despite his unconventional appearance, the 38-year-old actor appeared to be having a blast on set, frequently laughing and joking around in between takes. Safe depicts the tale of a former elite agent who goes to great lengths to save a 12-year-old Chinese girl from her abductors.

In you get! Jason gets mixed up with the Triads after rescuing a little Chinese girl in Safe

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Jason’s life takes an unexpected turn when he saves a Chinese girl and gets tangled up with the Triads. Soon, he’s caught in a dangerous web involving not only the Triads but also the Russian Mafia and corrupt officials in New York City. This action-packed role is just one of many for Statham, who also starred as Lee Christmas in The Expendables. When he’s not on set, he’s spending time with his girlfriend, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Nice outfit: Jason wears a grey T-shirt and hat as he runs for it

Looking sharp: Jason is donning a stylish grey tee and cap while sprinting through the streets of New York. It seems like he’s head over heels for his co-star Rosie, who is currently filming Transformers 3 after taking over from Megan Fox. The pair were spotted strolling around the city on Sunday, and it’s clear that Statham is completely enamored with the gorgeous blonde. The actor rose to fame thanks to his performances in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and the Transporter franchise.

Say cheese! Jason has been dating model Rosie Huntington-Whitely since last April

Jason and Rosie Huntington-Whitely have been in a relationship since April of last year. He is gearing up for promotional duties for his two highly anticipated movies, 13 and The Killer Elite. 13 is a gripping thriller set to release in the coming fall and features Ray Liotta and 50 Cent as co-stars. The movie follows the story of a young man who assumes the identity of a dead man and finds himself caught up in a world of violence, power, and risky gambles behind closed doors. The Killer Elite, on the other hand, is an action-packed thriller featuring Robert De Niro. The plot revolves around a retired Navy SEAL who comes out of retirement to save his friend.

Don't mess with Statham: Jason has made a name for himself playing tough guys on screen

One should not underestimate Statham’s capabilities as he has established a reputation for portraying strong and resilient characters.

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