“Challenging the Notion: Does Female Empowerment Require Sexy Outfits?” Backlash Over Celebrities’ Wardrobe Choices at Chime For Change Concert

Hell for leather: Beyonce Knowles performed in a leather leotard, which some fans thought not very appropriate

Beyonce Knowles caused a stir among some of her fans when she took to the stage in a leotard made of leather. The outfit was deemed by some to be inappropriate.

Strong woman: Beyonce flexes her muscles for the crowds

Beyonce, the powerhouse woman, impresses the cheering audience with her incredible strength.

Disgruntled: Some fans thought it bizarre that the female artists dressed so provocatively at the feminism-themed event

It’s a bit odd that some fans were curious about the provocative outfits worn by the artists.

Really? Jennifer Lopez wore thigh high boots and fishnet tights to promote feminism

Can you believe it? Jennifer Lopez decided to rock a pair of thigh high boots and fishnet tights while promoting feminism.

Smackdown: Mary J Blige and Jennifer Lopez were described as looking 'like a pair of wrestlers'

During the event, Mary J Blige and Jennifer Lopez were compared to wrestlers in terms of their appearance.

Appropriate? Many people were left wondering if Jennifer Lopez's performance was suitable for a feminism themed event

Did JLo’s performance at the feminism themed event raise questions about its appropriateness among many individuals?

Too much? Jennifer shows no signs of covering up any time soon

Jennifer Lopez is unapologetic about her love for revealing clothing. She doesn’t seem to have any plans of toning it down anytime soon.

Horrified: Lots of women tweeted their dismay that Jennifer Lopez opted for a revealing outfit

Many women expressed their shock on Twitter after seeing Jennifer Lopez’s choice of outfit, which was quite revealing.

Smooth operator: Madonna looked taught as she gave her passionate ten minute speech

Madonna delivered a heartfelt speech for about ten minutes and appeared to be composed and poised.

An actual feminist: Madonna was joined on stage by an education activist from Pakistan

Madonna was accompanied by Humaira Bachal, a notable advocate for education in Pakistan, during her performance on stage – embodying true feminist ideals.

Bum note: Iggy Azalea made sure she showed off plenty of flesh as she also took the stage in nude coloured fishnet tights

Iggy Azalea didn’t shy away from flaunting her skin during her performance as she wore nude fishnet tights.

Red and pink: Iggy Azaela wore a clashing mini dress for her raunch performance

Iggy Azalea made a bold fashion statement with her mini dress in red and pink hues during her sensual performance.

Who wears the trousers: Rita Ora might have been dressed more conservatively than the other performers, but her dancing was criticised

Rita Ora may have opted for a more modest outfit compared to other performers, but her moves on stage did not escape criticism.

The irony: People at home were not convinced by the stars' outfits, nor those of their backing dancers

It’s ironic how the audience at home didn’t seem to be impressed by either the costumes of the stars or their supporting dancers.

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