“Custom ‘Iron Man’ Suit Allows Boy with Rare Condition to Stand Up for the First Time”

Thanks to a unique and custom-built “Iron Man” suit, a four-year-old boy suffering from a rare genetic condition can now stand on his own for the first time. The boy, Seth McFadzean, has been dubbed a “real-life superhero” by his mother, Carrie, who is appreciative of the NHS experts’ efforts in creating the suit’s rigid frame.

Seth McFadzean is a unique individual who is part of a group of 250 children with Tetrasomy 18p disorder.

He dons his very own personalized “Iron Man” suit.

Seth was born with a rare genetic disorder called Tetrasomy 18p caused by an extra chromosome, which has resulted in spinal curvature, poor muscle tone, learning difficulties, and inability to walk or talk. However, there is hope for Seth thanks to the experts at NHS Glasgow and Clyde who created a suit to improve his long-term physicality. His mother Carrie was overjoyed to see him standing tall for the first time and described it as a surreal experience, like watching a real-life superhero. Seth’s progress with the suit has been remarkable, and he now wears it up to an hour a day, showing improvements in weight-bearing and psychological well-being. The pediatric orthotist who made the suit was amazed at Seth’s progress and determination, calling him a wonderful little boy. Despite his challenging condition, Seth has proved to be a fighter, and his family hopes he continues to progress.

NHS specialists developed the inflexible structure.

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