Demi Rose embraces nature in a sunny yellow bikini, releasing baby turtles on her Mexican getaway

Famous for her passion for posting bikini photos and exploring different parts of the globe, Demi Rose, who is 24 years old, took a break from her usual routine on Monday in Mexico. Instead of hitting the beach for a photoshoot, she spent her time setting baby turtles free. Reflecting on the experience, she shared, “Witnessing a baby turtle hatch and releasing it into the ocean is now at the top of my list of favorite things to do. Today was just too adorable to handle.”

Back to nature: Demi Rose slipped into a skimpy yellow string bikini as she ses baby turtles free while on holiday in Mexico on Monday

Getting back to nature: Demi Rose sported a cute yellow string bikini as she watched baby turtles being released into the wild during her relaxing Mexico vacation on Monday.

That's one way to get noticed: Demi also shared this very racy selfie of her incredible body

Here’s a surefire way to catch everyone’s attention: Demi recently posted a steamy selfie showing off her amazing physique. Rocking a stunning yellow triangle bikini paired with sheer trousers featuring thigh-high slits, she looked perfect for a day at the beach. In another heartwarming moment, Demi was seen smiling as she carefully carried a baby turtle to the water. Prior to her trip to Mexico, Demi had taken a vacation in Jordan, and before that, she had shared snapshots from her time at Sri Panwa Phuket and Las Vegas.

Happy: Demi had a big smile on her face as she gently carried a baby turtle to the water's edge

Full of joy, Demi’s face lit up with a wide grin as she carefully carried a baby turtle towards the water.

Bringing scrunchies back: Demi has been sharing stunning pictures of herself while away on her travels

Reviving the scrunchie trend: Demi has been delighting her followers with beautiful photos from her adventures around the world.

Stringing along: Wearing her very skimpy two-piece, it appears that Demi had quite the photoshoot in her hotel room

Tagging along: Donning a revealing two-piece outfit, it seems like Demi had a fun photoshoot session in her hotel room. Since breaking up with DJ Chris Martinez in October, Demi has been globetrotting and exploring new horizons. Despite the split, she remains committed to staying friends with DJ Chris and supporting each other’s professional endeavors. According to a spokesperson for Demi, the two have decided to part ways but will continue to be supportive of each other’s careers.

Pout of control: Demi puckered up for the camera for one sexy shot

Out of hand: Demi confidently puckered her lips for a sassy photo opportunity.

Ouch! She also shared a snap of her stiff leg for her dedicated followers

Yikes! She also posted a photo of her leg feeling stiff for her loyal fans. The source mentioned, “Demi is currently single and content focusing on her career in the United States.” Demi initially caught the public’s eye by sharing a series of alluring selfies on Instagram, which quickly attracted a large following. Her popularity soared even higher when rumors of her romantic involvement with Tyga, who is Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend, began circulating.

Bottom's up! She also shared this very racy picture of herself taken on the deck of a boat

Cheers! Additionally, she posted a provocative photo of herself captured on the deck of a boat.

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