Demi Rose flaunts her curves in a stunning photo shoot: Highlighting her cleavage and backside

Demi Rose’s popularity skyrocketed following speculation about her relationship with Tyga, Kylie Jenner’s ex, last year. It’s no surprise the rapper was interested in her, as she shared captivating new photos on Instagram that showcased her allure. The 22-year-old from Britain exuded charm in a bralet with intricate caged and fringed accents, then turned up the heat by flaunting her shapely backside in a Barbie-inspired outfit. Check out the video below for more.

Eye-popping: Demi Rose, 22, oozed sex appeal in a goddess-inspired bralet with caged and fringed detailing - which drew emphasis to her busty cleavage and tiny waist

Demi Rose, a 22-year-old DJ set to perform in Ibiza this summer, stunned with her sex appeal in a goddess-inspired bralet adorned with caged and fringed details that accentuated her curves. In a captivating photo, she gazed seductively at the camera, enhancing her assets with a delicate hand gesture.

Her glitzy bra managed to contain her ample cleavage, while the fringed design highlighted her enviable hourglass figure. A sheer neon yellow kaftan draped casually over her shoulders, accompanied by a tousled fishtail braid and sultry makeup, completed her alluring look.

In another striking image, she boldly wore just hot pink latex gloves, displaying her perfectly toned derriere as she playfully cupped her side-boob.

Pink perfection: In another she donned nothing but a pair of hot pink latex gloves - baring her incredibly pert derriere as she cupped her side-boob with her hand

Pretty in pink: In a different photo, she wore only hot pink latex gloves, showing off her perfectly perky behind as she held her side-boob with one hand.

Teasing: Earlier this month, Demi shared a picture of herself in the raunchy pink look from behind the scenes

Joking: Recently, Demi posted a snapshot of herself in a daring pink ensemble from a photo shoot. Her thigh-high boots just reached her bottom, and she matched them with pink eye-shadow and lip gloss, giving a sultry look as she closed her eyes for the camera.

Later on, Demi showcased her new blonde hair with a hint of pink on Instagram. In a risque naked story post, the young model left little to the imagination, wearing only pink latex gloves and boots while posing by a coffee machine. Her daring choice of attire certainly caused a stir among her followers.

Going for the full on barbie look, the Birmingham-born Brit even donned blue contact lenses as she sipped her cocktail suggestively in another snap

Embracing the full Barbie aesthetic, the Birmingham native went all out by sporting blue contact lenses while enjoying her cocktail in a flirty pose.

Doing a Kylie? Demi usually sports raven tresses just like her former love rivalĀ 

Emulating Kylie? Usually seen with black hair, Demi likes to follow in the footsteps of her former romantic rival.

With her typically black hair now a trendy rose gold shade, she gave a sultry look to the camera. Embracing a full-on Barbie vibe, this British beauty from Birmingham even opted for blue contact lenses as she sensually sipped on her cocktail in another photo. Demi gained fame in May of the previous year when she was seen with the rapper Tyga, who was seemingly on a break from his younger girlfriend from the famous Kardashian family. These recent photos come amidst rumors that Tyga and Kylie have broken up once again, with reports claiming that their two-year relationship has come to an end.

Fun times: Demi's profile rose significantly after enjoyed a brief romance with Tyga in May 2016

Good times: Demi’s popularity saw a boost after she had a short-lived fling with Tyga in March.

For the past couple of years, she has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with a rapper, but it seems like she has now caught the eye of rapper Travis Scott.

Demi first caught people’s attention with her sultry photos, which eventually led to her being linked with the well-known US publicity group Taz’s Angels.
During an interview with The Sun, she shared how her Instagram following grew from 60,000 to over 3.2 million. She mentioned how her popularity on MySpace carried over to Instagram, and she found it strange but eventually got used to being recognized in public.

Subtle: Demi showed off her versatile look as she went topless for an apparent dominatrix-inspired look

In a subtle way, Demi flaunted her versatility by confidently rocking a dominatrix-inspired outfit while going topless.

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