“Diving into Luxury: Dua Lipa’s Vision for a Basement Pool and Cinema in her £6.75m London Abode”

Conservationists are expressing their dissatisfaction with Dua Lipa’s ambitious plans to renovate her London home for a whopping £6.75 million, which include building a basement swimming pool with a designated “chill-out area.” Her plans have been likened to those seen on the popular show Grand Designs.

The 26-year-old musician has recently put forth a proposal to construct a pool, steam room, shower, relaxation area, and changing room on one side of the property. Meanwhile, on the other side, the plan includes a cinema, studio waiting area, and lobby.

However, Dua has expressed her desire to remove an existing rear extension and construct a new one that will house a family room complete with a green roof. Despite opposition from local council planners and conservationists, she remains determined to pursue her plans.

Apart from her plans for a big remodel, the female singer intends to remove an ornamental maple and a weeping willow tree. Additionally, she will perform maintenance work on a traditional boundary wall at her three-story house.

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