“Double the Adventure: Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Jason Statham Explore London on a Custom Electric Tandem Bike”

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whitely, a well-known couple in Hollywood, were recently seen taking an electric bike ride together in London. Despite the chilly weather, the pair looked as close as ever, with the 53-year-old Fast and Furious actor and his 33-year-old model fiancée dressed warmly for their spin across the English capital.

Happy couple: Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley were spotted enjoying an electric bike ride together in London

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whitely were spotted enjoying a fun ride on an electric bike around London, looking like a happy couple in love. Jason wore a casual black padded jacket, grey joggers, and a cozy woolly hat, while Rosie looked chic in a navy belted wool coat, complemented by stylish black cat-eye sunglasses and her blonde hair beautifully styled in a centre parting. Interestingly, reports suggest that the pair have decided to leave their mansion in California and move into a luxurious property in their home country.

Fun:  Fast and Furious star Jason, 53, and model and actress Rosie, 33, wrapped up warm for the spin across the city

Jason, the renowned actor famous for his performance in Fast and Furious, teamed up with model and actress Rosie for a delightful activity. The pair, aged 53 and 33 respectively, dressed appropriately for their ride around the city by keeping themselves warm.

According to The Sun, the celebrities have reportedly purchased a pricey £7.5 million home in Chelsea. The reason for this move is said to be their desire to be near their families and friends in the UK during the pandemic. After searching for several months, they have finally found their ideal home and are thrilled with their purchase.

New home: It comes after the couple reportedly decided to ditch their California mansion in favour of a luxury pad in their home country (pictured in 2016)

According to reports, the couple has decided to leave their California mansion and move into a luxurious home in their home country. The attached picture is from 2016.

Wow! They sold their £14million Malibu beach house last year, after first putting the property on the market for a whopping £15.5million in October 2019

Wow! The Malibu beach house they owned, valued at £14 million, was sold last year despite initially listing the property for an exorbitant amount of £15.5 million back in October 2019.

Lavish: Jason originally bought the 3,909 square foot home back in 2009, one year before he sparked up a romance with his fiancée Rosie

In 2009, Jason bought a lavish home measuring 3,909 square feet, a year before he started dating his fiancee Rosie. However, the couple recently sold their Malibu beach house for £14 million in 2020, after initially listing it for an impressive £15.5 million in October 2019. Jason and Rosie have been together since 2010 and have a three-year-old son named Jack. The couple has been residing in California but flew back to London during the second lockdown due to the pandemic.

Happy couple: The Hollywood couple, who have been residing in California, recently flew back to London where they spent the UK's second coronavirus lockdown

A Hollywood couple has returned to London after spending the UK’s second coronavirus lockdown in California. Rosie, who previously represented Burberry, admits that she is under pressure to undergo invasive procedures in LA but is not interested in doing anything too extreme to her body. According to a Daily Mail column, people frequently ask her if she’s interested in breakfast and Botox, but she prefers breakfast and can keep the Botox. Rosie isn’t concerned about her lips because they remain in excellent condition. She also spoke out about her relationship with Jason, emphasizing that it is so strong that she does not become jealous of his on-screen kisses with other women.

Couple goals: The former Victoria's Secret Angel has been in a long-term relationship with Jason since 2010 and they welcomed son Jack, three, into the world in June 2017

The ex-Victoria’s Secret model has been in a committed relationship with Jason since 2010 and they welcomed their son Jack in June 2017. Despite having to kiss famous celebrities like Eiza Gonzalez, Beyonce, and Jennifer Lopez for work purposes, Rosie doesn’t get jealous. When asked in an Instagram Q&A if she gets jealous when she sees Jason’s kissing scenes in movies, she confidently responded with a “nope” and laughing emojis. Rosie also shared the qualities she values in others, including honesty, humor, positivity, ambition, vision, warmth, humility, integrity, good manners, and authenticity. The usually private media personality expressed her love for her son as the best thing she is thankful for.

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