Emily Ratajkowski steps out sans mask with husband and furry friend on a leisurely stroll.

Emily Ratajkowski has adopted a new blonde look and was seen taking a leisurely stroll around New York with her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, and their dog Columbo. Despite Sebastian wearing a face mask, Emily chose not to wear one and flaunted her newly-dyed hair instead. The 28-year-old model seemed to be enjoying the outing with her loved ones.

Blonde bombshell Emily Ratajkowski was spotted taking a stroll in New York City on Thursday with her hubby Sebastian Bear-McClard and their furry friend Columbo. Despite being without a mask, the trio appeared to be having a good time. Emily kept it simple and comfortable with a pair of low-waisted jeans, black sneakers, and a snug grey tank top. Meanwhile, her husband added a pop of color to the mix by sporting a tie-dye t-shirt and green shorts. The We Are Your Friends actress recently surprised her 26 million social media followers with a new blonde hairdo, which she credited to Kerastase_official.

Fresh look: The lead actress of We Are Your Friends has just revealed her newly dyed blonde hair to her 26 million fans on social media.

Informal: Emily looked super casual as she stepped out with her boyfriend and dog. She even shared some hot pics of herself at home, showing off her new hair color in a black bikini. During lockdown, Emily had some trouble with her skin, but she found a great snail product, retinol, and Dr. Loretta serum to help her out.
She also emphasized the importance of self-care during quarantine and how styling her hair helps her stay calm and collected.

In terms of street style, Emily opted for a relaxed look, sporting a comfy pair of low-waisted jeans, classic black sneakers, and a fitted grey vest top. She also emphasized the importance of self-care, recommending that people take a moment to shower, brush their hair, and even apply some moisturizer to help boost their mood. During these challenging times, Emily believes that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to routines, and encourages people to avoid putting too much pressure on themselves to conform to a particular schedule. Instead, she advises listening to your body and taking breaks whenever necessary.

Emily was quoted saying that she thinks that adhering to a routine during the current health crisis is not necessary and there are “no rules” to follow. She seems to have a relaxed attitude towards this matter.

Recently, there was a tweet from an actress who expressed her difficulty in getting used to her newly-dyed hair. Along with adjusting to her new look, she has been making the most of her free time during the lockdown by reading books. One of the books that she is currently enjoying is Martin Hägglund’s This Life. The book explores the idea that the finite nature of our existence is what gives our lives meaning and purpose. It offers a valuable perspective at a time when many of us have more time to reflect on our choices and priorities.

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