“EmRata Flaunts Her Toned Body on the Way to Sony Music Studios for ‘High Low’ Podcast Session”

Emily Ratajkowski has returned to work after her visit to Paris Fashion Week. On June 27, the 32-year-old model was spotted entering Sony Music Studios in New York City to record her podcast, High Low with EmRata. She donned a stylish pair of camel-colored Scanlan Theodore cargo pants that had pleats, were baggy and low-rise, paired with a cropped white tank top which showed off her abs, and black and white checkered Vans. To complete her outfit, she accessorized with gold jewelry, black sunglasses, and carried a tan leather Miu Miu handbag worth more than $3,000. Emily Ratajkowski is also the writer of the book My Body.

Podcast host: Emily Ratajkowski isn't wasting any time in getting back to business after her whirlwind trip to France for Paris Fashion Week last week

Emily Ratajkowski is back to her usual routine after a thrilling trip to Paris for Fashion Week. The experienced model has opted for a chic straight hairstyle with blunt bangs framing her forehead. During the latest episode of Emily’s podcast, the talented Maddie Ziegler opened up about her experience on the reality show, Dance Moms. Despite joining the show at a tender age of seven, Ziegler went on to feature in six seasons of the Lifetime series. She revealed that her mother apologized to her for putting her through such a stressful situation when she had a panic attack last year. Ziegler also mentioned that her mother never intended to hurt her or her siblings and had no idea how intense the show would become. Emily’s podcast aims to empower women by discussing topics like the history of how men treat women and how women rationalize that treatment.

Super model: The model, 32, was spotted heading into Sony Music Studios in New York City on June 27 to record her podcast High Low with EmRata

On June 27, the gorgeous 32-year-old supermodel was seen entering the Sony Music Studios in New York City to record her new podcast called High Low with EmRata.

Catwalk veteran: The My Body author looked effortlessly chic in a pair of baggy, pleated, low-rise camel-colored pants, a cropped white tank top and black and white checkered Vans

Chic: She looked great in her ensemble

The writer of My Body, who has extensive experience in fashion shows, effortlessly displayed her stylish look with pleated camel pants that had a low-rise cut. She paired it with a cropped white tank top and black and white checkered Vans shoes. In a recent interview with Forbes, EmRata expressed her eagerness to feature diverse guests on her upcoming podcast. Her goal is to provide a platform for those who haven’t had the chance to share their opinions or participate in meaningful discussions. Interestingly, after her divorce, she gained a fresh and uninhibited perspective on what she wants to accomplish with her podcast. As she embarks on a new chapter in her life, she feels more at ease discussing topics related to sex and dating that were once considered taboo. New episodes of her podcast are released every Tuesday and Thursday.

Finishing touches: She accessorized with a gold watch, ring and necklaces and wore black sunglasses on her face

To complement her ensemble, she incorporated chic embellishments such as a shiny gold timepiece, band, and chains. Additionally, to shield her eyes from the sun’s glare, she sported a trendy set of ebony shades over her eyes.

Pricey: The mom of Sylvester, two, completed her look with a tan leather Miu Miu handbag that retails for more than $3,000

Costly: To enhance her attire, the mother of a two-year-old named Sylvester carried a high-end Miu Miu handbag crafted from premium-quality tan leather. This luxurious accessory bears a hefty price tag exceeding $3,000.

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