“Expendables 5: Director’s Confirmation Despite Disappointing Box Office Results; Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham Take the Helm”

In a recent interview, Scott Waugh, the director of The Expendables 4, expressed his willingness to return for another installment in the beloved action movie franchise. Read on to discover more about this exciting news!

Recently, the fourth instalment of The Expendables franchise, also known as Expend4bles, was released in cinemas. However, it did not receive the expected response from viewers. Despite this setback, director Scott Waugh has expressed his willingness to continue with the franchise and create a fifth film. In an interview with ComicBook.com, Waugh mentioned that he would be delighted to direct another movie in the series and would be open to introducing new actors. He also commended Sylvester Stallone’s storytelling abilities and shared his enjoyment of collaborating with him on The Expendables 4. Even though the movie’s ratings and box office earnings have been underwhelming, Waugh remains hopeful about the future of the franchise.

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