Exploring Jason Statham’s Eccentric Character Monikers You Might Have Missed

Vulture’s article from 2018 is making a comeback to coincide with the release of “Expend4bles,” which features Jason Statham reprising his role as a character with an outrageously bizarre name. In “The Meg,” Statham faces off against a prehistoric shark in what is almost a perfect movie, but it lacks one defining trait of Statham’s career: eccentric character names. While some of Statham’s franchises have given him uninteresting names, only Mark Wahlberg and Matthew McConaughey come close to his level of over-the-top character naming. Statham’s talent for bringing seriousness to absurd situations makes him a natural fit for both action films and comedies. The article ranks Statham’s most ridiculous character names, starting with Yves Gluant from “The Pink Panther.”

In the Pink Panther movie with Steve Martin, Jason Statham made a sudden appearance as a French soccer coach named “Yves Gluant.” What’s interesting here is that Statham is often associated with his working-class English image, but he played a French character in the film, making his performance more intricate. Many people recognize him from his role as Deckard Shaw in the Fast and Furious movies.

The persona of “Deckard Shaw” exudes an amplified level of manliness that borders on being comical, fitting perfectly with the overall vibe of the Fast and Furious franchise. It’s important to note that we should never forget the need for justice for Han in the series. Another character that bears a resemblance to Deckard Shaw is Handsome Rob from The Italian Job.

Rob is undeniably attractive, and that seems to be his most notable feature. Although his name lacks originality, it fits him perfectly. It brings to mind Jensen Garner Ames from the movie Death Race.

The name “Jensen Garner Ames” does not refer to a driver who was wrongly charged with murder and forced to compete in deadly races for his freedom. It actually belongs to a cast member of a mediocre comedy show on CW network. It could easily be the name of a character on a reality TV show, such as a successful lawyer or a cosmetic surgeon who had undergone hair transplant surgery. This person would likely be well-off but not extremely wealthy.

It’s unexpected to see Jason Statham portraying Evan Funsch, a character who explains Multiverse Theory to Jet Li. Normally, someone like Paul Giamatti would be expected to play such a role. However, it’s intriguing to witness Statham in this unusual part. Additionally, Statham played the role of Farmer in the film “In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale,” which was also an unexpected role for him.

Jason Statham’s presence as the protagonist, Nick Wild, fails to salvage the film from its utter disappointment. The movie, Wild Card, suffers from a dearth of creativity and unimaginative character naming conventions. It comes as no surprise that a movie with a title like Wild Card would have nomenclature issues, but the lack of ingenuity is appalling. The plot follows Nick Wild, an emotionally estranged husband who is adept at using boomerangs as weapons. His backstory entails being discovered as an infant on a battlefield by Ron Perlman, who christens him Nick Wild. When his wife inquires about his real name, Nick explains that he embodies his actions, and thus could go by any name, such as ‘Boomerang Master’ or ‘Tornado Book Reader.’ However, it’s essential to note that this movie isn’t worth watching.

Imagine having a last name like “Wild,” it would feel strange if you didn’t embody its meaning, right? For instance, in a movie set in Las Vegas, classified as pulp/drama/actioner, if Jason Statham had played an actuary instead of a gambling-addicted bodyguard who uses a butter knife to stab Milo Ventimiglia in the face, it wouldn’t have made sense. Moving on to The Bank Job, which was loosely based on the infamous 1971 robbery of a London bank that allegedly contained scandalous photos of Princess Margaret, the screenwriters had the freedom to name the robbers since their identities were not known. They chose “Terry Leather” for the gang’s leader, a tough yet gentle family man. Turkish from Snatch and Bacon from Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels round off the third and fourth entries.

Guy Ritchie introduced Jason Statham to unique and memorable character names through his movies, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) and Snatch (2000). Statham’s characters in both films get involved in unexpected criminal activities, which is characteristic of Ritchie’s filmmaking style. Although the name “Turkish” was derived from a plane crash, the origins of the name “Bacon” still remain a mystery. It is unclear whether it’s his first or last name, and if he is actually called “Dave.” The character seems to have popped out fully-formed as a Cockney-accented gangster Boss Baby with an adult head on an infant’s body. One more memorable character name in Statham’s portfolio is Lee Christmas from the Expendables series.

The Expendables movie series is infamous for its use of character names that are sometimes cheesy and even offensive. Some names, like Terry Crews’ character “Hale Caesar,” are great, while others, like “Yin Yang” for the Asian character, can be insulting. On the other hand, Jason Statham’s character, “Lee Christmas,” who is an expert with knives, is definitely in the excellent category. It’s impressive that Sylvester Stallone managed to include a reference to the holiday season with the character’s name in the script of the first film. However, it’s surprising that the filmmakers didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to make a “Christmas comes but once a year” joke, which is something that some straight men supposedly enjoy discussing.

Now, let’s shift our focus to another example: Chev Chelios from the “Crank” movie franchise.

It’s without a doubt that “Chev Chelios” is the ultimate name for a Grand Theft Auto character who relies on cocaine and electric shocks to survive. The name is a masterpiece and possibly one of the greatest character names ever created. According to Mark Neveldine, one of the writers and directors of Crank and Crank: High Voltage, the origin story of the name is quite amusing. While working on their first film, Neveldine and Brian Taylor met a guy on set who kept boasting about drinking out of the Stanley Cup with three-time winner Chris Chelios, pronouncing his name in a peculiar way. They found it so funny that they decided to name their lead character after the hockey star. Adding “Chev” to the name created an even more masculine character, making Chev Chelios a true force to be reckoned with. Furthermore, the writers aimed to create a Jack Kirby-style alliterative name, similar to Peter Parker, Bruce Banner, and Doctor Doom. Therefore, if there were a real-life Jack Kirby character, it would be Jason Statham’s portrayal of Chev Chelios in Crank.

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