“Exploring the Eco-Friendly Home of Robert Downey Jr. in Malibu”

The photoshoot was done by Andrew Macpherson and the styling was done by Jeanne Yang. Davy Newkirk did hair and makeup. The fashion featured in the shoot included a purple maroon dress by Philosophy worn by Susan, shoes by Aera, and a wristlet by Jacquie Aiche. Robert wore pants by For Days, a shirt and cardigan by Missoni, and shoes by Cariuma. In an interview with Alastair Gordon, the portraits of which were taken by Andrew Macpherson, Robert Downey Jr., actor and entrepreneur, and his wife Susan Levin, a successful movie producer, discussed their co-founding of the Footprint Coalition. The organization raises awareness, leverages VC capital, and provides grants for sustainable technology scaling. Their inspiration came from developing a 7-acre homestead in Malibu, California, where cutting-edge wind turbines and solar-generated water systems offset the energy consumption of multiple structures. One of the structures, the Binishell, is a bold, undulating experiment in architectural sustainability that was originally planned as a whimsical family guesthouse but is becoming the basis for a larger lifestyle shift they are presently in the midst of. During the interview, they discussed the future of eco-friendly home building and shared some of their unique spatial experiences.

In the realm of fashion, Susan is wearing a stunning blue and white dress from Dundas, complimented by a diamond necklace from Jacquie Aiche, a gold chain necklace from Anita Ko, earrings from Spinelli, an evil eye ring from Jacquie Aiche, shoes from Aera, and an anklet from Jacquie Aiche. Robert’s attire consists of a denim bomber jacket from Brunello Cucinelli, brown pants from Armani, a grey t-shirt with colorful stripes from Billie Beino, and blue shoes from Cariuma. When it comes to design, Fox-Nahem, an AD-100 design firm, created beautiful pillows/cushions in collaboration with Suay Sew Shop and ecoist.world. Additionally, the flooring chosen is from Bolefloor CURV8, which adds a unique touch to the space.

The Malibu Binishell residence designed by Susan and Robert Downey Jr. showcases their passion for sustainable home design. The outdoor furniture and rug were provided by Paola Lenti for DDCNYC. Susan wore a white jumpsuit by Brunello Cucinelli, shoes by Aera, and jewelry by Jacquie Aiche, while Robert wore a suit by Brunello Cucinelli, a t-shirt by Louis Vuitton, shoes by Cariuma, and pendant and necklace by Ossua et Acromata. The design of the house was inspired by alternative structures of the 60s and 70s, such as geodesic domes and biomorphic shelters, which rebelled against traditional square and straight lines. The couple was open to embracing an unconventional approach, and Nic’s enthusiasm for the project was infectious. It took seven years to complete the project, but Bini’s overall vision was backed by the couple, and Mike Grosswendt from All Coast Construction and Ben Goodman from Goodman Architecture helped to bring the design to life with their expertise. Interior designer Joe Nahem from Fox-Nahem Design had maximal leeway with the elements of material, palette, and taste.

Natural sunlight fills the foyer of the Binishell home, streaming into the backyard. The entryway was expertly crafted by the renowned AD-100 Design Firm Fox-Nahem, available at foxnahem.com. Additionally, the flooring throughout the space features unique CURV8 hardwood flooring from Bolefloor, found at bolefloor.it.

In this cool-toned bedroom, a hanging pendant light creates geometric shadows. The room features various pieces of furniture including a washed denim area rug by Sacco, a queen-sized Fantasq bed by Roche Bobois, an Edito 2-Seat Sofa also by Roche Bobois, a Yoru Collection-Blue Hanawa Ottoman by Roche Bobois, a Nonette Floor Lamp, Mink Ceramic by Roche Bobois, a Coral Pendant Light by David Trubridge Design, a sustainable throw pillow by Ecoist.world, and a deadstock linen body pillow by Suay Sew Shop. This design was created by the AD-100 Design Firm Fox-Nahem, and the photo was taken at Robert Downey Jr.’s home. Fox-Nahem designed the East Hampton residence to have pale-blue doorways with eccentric shapes that fit into cave-like openings. They utilized ovoid skylights wherever natural light was needed. Although the house evokes the traditions of 20th-century utopian design, it also has a cartoonish flair to it. Fox-Nahem managed to find items that worked in harmony with the unique structure without making it look like a parody or Fred Flintstone’s house. The architectural bead screen is the first thing seen when entering the house and was custom-designed with fiberglass beads commissioned from an artisan in Mexico.

Enjoying a cup of morning coffee in the cozy breakfast nook is made even better with its unique eclectic design. The talented AD-100 Design Firm Fox-Nahem created the look using fiberglass screen beads from Lanz Art Light in Mexico. Adding to the charm is a ceramic coffee set from local artist Joanne Jaffe’s Applied Geometry series. Susan looks stylish and comfortable in her Bleusalt onesie jumpsuit, paired perfectly with jewelry from Jacquie Aiche and a ring from Solange Azagury-Partridge. Meanwhile, Robert is rocking his mustard-colored pajamas from Basic Rights along with rings from Black Badger and Solange Azagury-Partridge.

The Binishell building is unique in that it is constructed without relying on straight lines. Instead, the various rooms within the building branch out to the east and west from a central passageway. These rooms resemble cellular pods or the chambers of a nautilus shell rather than typical rectangular spaces. In addition, the dining area leads to two guest rooms that have a terrace and an unconventional fountain featuring a punctured oil drum and the head of a disconcerted Mickey Mouse wearing a gas mask, giving off a somewhat dystopian vibe.

According to Robert Downey Jr., the fountain was created by the talented LA-based artist Bill Barminksi as a satirical tribute to Walt Disney’s involvement in Cold War gas mask designs. When discussing the interior design of his home, he expressed his appreciation for the eclectic and personal choices that were made, which complemented the cellular nature of the space. The living room features a unique couch with knuckle-shaped padding and stretched translucent fabric lamps resembling mushrooms. To ground the space, 80% of the pieces are from Roche Bobois, a furniture manufacturer with a qualitative assessment tool called Eco8. Similarly, outdoor furniture was limited to a single designer, Paola Lenti. The family entertainment center or screening room is located to the west of the entry axis and was constructed as a self-contained floating box proposed by Ben Goodman. To provide flexibility, a complex folding garage door with a 2-horsepower motor was requested to operate as both a theater and an extension of the living room.

The guest bedroom is filled with beautiful blush decorations and delicate pastel patterns that are naturally illuminated. A stunning Pure Bliss-Greige Area Rug by Sacco lies on the floor, while a Backstage Headboard and Bed Frame (King Size) by Roche Bobois dominates the room. The Joaquin 1 Drawer Nightstand by Wayfair, along with other furniture pieces such as the Spoutnik Armchair by Roche Bobois, Poppy Desk by Roche Bobois, Tournicoti Chair by Roche Bobois, Souffle Table Lamp by Roche Bobois, and Tam Tam – Central and Satellite Shades by Marset complement the decor. To add warmth to the room, an Alpaca throw by Ecoist.world is placed on the bed. The floor features a unique design by Bolefloor – Curv8, adding more character to the room. This design was created by the AD-100 Design Firm Fox-Nahem, and a bench by Nicky Marmet completes the look.

The exterior of the house is made up of inflatable structures covered in concrete, as seen in the photo provided by Robert Downey Jr.

Susan Downey has a unique workspace that features a wall made of recycled wood strips and mid-century-inspired furniture, including a sofa, armchair, and desk by Roche Bobois. The room also boasts a five-shade chandelier by 1st Dibs/Two Enlighten Los Angeles and a Wood Modul Wall by Porcelanosa. The sunken space in front of the playroom has an ovoid-shaped window that illuminates a roughly textured wall, which was designed by Joe Nahem. Robert Downey Jr. refers to this space as “Susan’s Office.” The playroom itself is another signature interior space with softly contoured seating following the room’s wafering perimeter. The centerpiece of the room is a wicker pod called a “Humanest” by South African designer Porky Hefer, which is made of woven koooboo cane, rope, and leather.

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