“Flawless Kim K makes waves in stunning swimsuit snaps, post infamous Photoshop mishap”

Kim Kardashian surprised her fans with a recent Twitter post that featured her looking completely different. The reality TV star appeared more like a stunning dark-haired model as she posed in a black swimsuit alongside her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, promoting their new product line, KKW X MARIO. However, many of her followers were quick to express their shock and disbelief at the striking transformation.

Is that you Kimmy?  Kardashian posted an image to Twitter on Monday where she looked nearly unrecognizable

Hey, is that really Kimmy? On Monday, Kim Kardashian shared a picture on Twitter that left many fans shook because she looked completely different than usual.

New and improved: The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star came off more like an exotic brunette model than the TV personality her fans know so well as she modeled a bathing suit

Fresh and enhanced: The celebrity from Keeping Up With The Kardashians seemed to embody the essence of an exotic brunette model rather than her usual TV persona as she flaunted a swimsuit.

The looker was posing with her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic as she plugged their new collaboration on KKW X MARIO

Kim Kardashian was seen promoting her latest collaboration with makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, as they unveiled their new line, KKW X MARIO. In contrast to the recent backlash she faced over an Instagram photo that appeared heavily edited, the new images featured the reality star looking picture-perfect. Her hair boasted striking reddish highlights, while her facial features looked more even and enlarged, with bigger eyes and a longer space between her eyes and lips.

Her note: The star's caption read, '10 years ago when we met I never dreamed we would be launching our own products together! I'm so proud of this collection of our favorite eye shadows and lips! Stay tuned... KKW X MARIO'

In her recent post, the celebrity wrote, “Can’t believe it’s been a decade since we first met! Who would have thought we’d come this far and create our own line of beauty products? I’m thrilled to share with you our latest collection featuring our top picks for eyeshadows and lip colors. Keep an eye out for KKW X MARIO!” Additionally, she seems to have a more elongated and toned neck and a deeper tan in the picture. Although Kim already has a great physique due to her daily workout and Atkins diet, she seems to have a slimmer waistline and arms in this photo. It is common for stars to use Photoshop in their ads as customers want to see them look their best, even beyond what is realistic, in order to be enticed to purchase the product.

Having fun: One tweeted changed the photo to give Kim a very small head, and did the same with Mario

Having a good time: A Twitter user edited the picture by reducing Kim and Mario’s head sizes to create a comical effect.

The feedback: Gail Gisehaltz said, 'That doesn't look entirely like Kim.' Myleeeza added, 'B*** when were these pics taken???? You look 27!!!!' while Emma The Wicked Witch Of Canada added, 'Neither of them look a day over 30 I am shoooook.' Coffee! then commented: 'Hot. Airbrushed, but hot!'

Gail Gisehaltz expressed her opinion by saying that the picture doesn’t completely resemble Kim. Myleeeza was surprised by the age of Kim in the pictures and exclaimed, “When were these pics taken???? You look 27!!!!” Emma The Wicked Witch Of Canada also couldn’t believe how young they looked and commented, “Neither of them look a day over 30 I am shoooook.” Lastly, Coffee! shared their thoughts by calling the picture hot but pointed out that it might be airbrushed.

Kim surely feels the pressure to maintain her best appearance in order to promote her cosmetics brand, especially with her half-sister Kylie Jenner already earning millions from her own makeup line. However, fans were displeased with a recent photo of Kim and makeup artist Mario, with some even altering the image to make Kim’s head appear smaller. Several fans also commented on the photo, expressing their surprise at how young Kim and Mario looked. The timing of this criticism adds to an already rough weekend for Kim, who faced backlash for a Photoshop mistake in another Instagram post.

Photo tricks! Kim  suffered a Photoshop fail, on an image she posted to Instagram on Saturday which squashed a car in the background and bent the curb

Get ready to learn some photo tricks! Kim recently experienced a Photoshop mishap when she posted an image on Instagram that distorted the car in the background and curved the curb.

As it was: The 37-year-old reality television star was mocked by followers, after changes were made to the original snap

The 37-year-old celeb from a TV show became a target of criticism from her fans when they noticed that the original photo had been altered.

What happened? Fans were quick to point out the errors

What occurred? Enthusiasts promptly noticed the mistakes.

Fail! They replied pointing out the issue

Oops! They responded by highlighting the problem.

Edited! Kim had cleared engaged in some photo fakery

Kim was caught manipulating some photos.

Slimmed down: One follower pointed out the strange looking car in her version of the picture

A follower noticed a peculiar car in Kim’s photo. The mother-of-three’s appearance seemed to have been altered, making her figure appear elongated and her thighs slimmer, resulting in a distorted background. Kim wore neoprene cycling shorts, flip-flops, a cropped top, an oversized orange hoodie, and enormous shades. Her caption indicated her readiness to join AMarch4OurLives and EveryTown. However, sharp-eyed fans spotted some blunders in the picture, with one commenting on the car in the background, while another accused Kim of photoshopping her image.

And then there is this: There was an uproar when this image surfaced of Kim's bottom looking unflattering, but she later said it was Photoshopped to look ugly. The photo agency said that was not true. Taken in April 2017

The internet was abuzz when an unflattering photo of Kim Kardashian’s behind surfaced, but she later claimed that it had been Photoshopped to look bad. However, the photo agency stated that her claim was untrue. The picture was taken in April 2017 and caused humorous reactions from some users who compared the shape to a spaceship. Others criticized her attire, commenting that it looked like she left home in a hurry wearing her mother’s old blazer, pedicure flip flops, and higher power Spanx. This is not the first time that the reality TV star has been embroiled in a Photoshop scandal; a previous picture with her friend Jonathan Cheban showed a piece of her arm missing.

Given the elbow: It's not the first time the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been at the centre of a photoshop scandal, she had part of her arm missing here in 2014

Rephrased: The Kardashian clan member, who is famous for her reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” has been involved in a situation where it was suspected that she may have altered her photos through digital means. However, this is not the first time this has happened. In 2014, there was an incident where it appeared that a portion of her arm was missing in one of her photos.

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