From Brunette to Blonde: Emily Ratajkowski’s Stunning Quarantine Makeover

Emily Ratajkowski has shown that even as a bottle blonde, fun can still be had. On Wednesday, the supermodel took to Instagram to flaunt her newly lightened locks in a series of sultry poses for her 26.6 million followers. Her striking quarantine makeover was on full display, with her bright blonde hue stealing the show. To accentuate her sculpted figure, the 29-year-old donned a tied-up white button-up shirt.

Blonde: In her Instagram posts, Emily happily showed off her new look for the camera, posing with her locks cut in layers, framing her face and in a straight and sleek style

Emily Ratajkowski showcased her newly lightened hair in a set of fresh snapshots on Wednesday, proving that even bottle blondes can have a great time. The founder of Inamorata donned a crisp top and light-wash jeans while gazing off into the distance for most of her photo session with photographer Tom Newton. Her retro-inspired look was stunning, and although she only uploaded black-and-white photos, Newton took to his own page to showcase her new hair color. It’s worth noting that Emily Ratajkowski is married to Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Fresh appearance: Flaunting a series of alluring stances to her enormous Instagram fan base of 26.6 million, the 29-year-old supermodel showcased her stunning transformation during isolation.

Before: She set pulses racing on Sunday when she shared a selfie with her fans of herself wearing a very revealing halter-neck top, before going blonde

After: Emily debuted her newly bleached hairdo on Instagram to her massive social media following

Emily Ratajkowski has surprised her fans with a new look on Instagram. She posted a photo of her hair, which is now bleached and much lighter than her usual dark brown. Despite the change, she still looks just as stunning as ever.

Emily Ratajkowski, a brand ambassador for haircare company Kérastase, seemed to be thrilled with her new look that was almost unrecognizable as she welcomed the change in front of the camera. The model revealed her newly-lightened locks earlier this week through a social media video titled ‘BLONDE.’ As the face of Kérastase’s Blond Absolu collection, Emily is promoting a line of products designed specifically for blondes to maintain their vibrant color and prevent brassiness.

Crisp: In addition to showcasing her bright blonde hue, the I Feel Pretty actress donned a tied up white blouse to emphasize her sculpted figure

Apart from flaunting her striking blonde locks, the protagonist of I Feel Pretty sported a white blouse that was tied up to accentuate her well-toned physique.

Embracing change: The Inamorata founder, who is married to Sebastian Bear-McClard, looked gorgeous in a number of black and white pictures in her crisp ensemble

Accepting transformation: The creator of Inamorata, who is wed to Sebastian Bear-McClard, appeared stunning in an array of monochrome photos while sporting a sharp outfit.

Emily recently revealed that she has taken the bold step of dying her hair for the first time ever. The model and actress shared in a statement that she has never had the courage to undergo such a transformation before. She stated that she had never colored or significantly changed the length of her hair in her entire life. However, Emily expressed her excitement about becoming a blonde and thanked Kérastase for giving her their blessing. She also mentioned that this fresh new look was a perfect way to celebrate her birthday and come out of quarantine feeling renewed.

Model blonde: Emily is serving as the face of Kérastase's Blond Absolu collection - a range of products created especially to help blondes take care of their locks, and ensure that they stay bright and not at all brassy

Emily, the quintessential blonde beauty, has been chosen as the brand ambassador for Kérastase’s Blond Absolu collection. This line of hair products has been crafted specifically to cater to the needs of blondes, keeping their hair healthy and vibrant while preventing any unwanted brassy tones.

'Beauty is meant to be fun and expressive and this is definitely, hands down, the most fun I¿ve ever had with my look before' she said in a statement

In a statement, she expressed that beauty should be an enjoyable and creative experience, and this has been the most enjoyable look she has ever had.

I had a blast experimenting with my appearance and expressing myself through beauty. It was the most enjoyable experience I’ve ever had with my look. On Instagram, I proudly flaunted my new hairstyle featuring layers that perfectly framed my face, while keeping it straight and sleek. During my camera time, I paired my trendy hairdo with a black strapless tube top, gold hoop earrings, and a gold chain necklace for a complete glam look.

Natural beauty: In her Instagram posts, Emily happily showed off her new look for the camera, posing with her locks cut in layers, framing her face and in a straight and sleek style

Emily proudly flaunted her fresh look on Instagram by snapping pictures of herself with her hair styled in layers that complimented her facial features, while also maintaining a straight and sleek appearance. Her posts showcased her natural beauty and radiance.

Feeling herself: She looked fabulous with minimal makeup and her flawless complexion on full display

Feeling confident in her own skin, she appeared stunning with just a touch of makeup to showcase her perfect complexion. However, she also looked equally stunning with full glam makeup that included a flawless complexion, a pink-nude lips and a bold black winged eyeliner. She couldn’t resist running her fingers through the ends of her hair, while capturing the look from different angles. To achieve a natural grown-out effect and avoid hot roots, she left some brown roots around her head. Before completing her transformation, Emily gave her fans a sneak peek by sharing a photo of herself on Monday with her hair fully foiled and blonde pieces in front of her face.

Her look: For her camera moment, she wore a black strapless tube top, gold hoop earrings and a gold chain necklace

Appearance: During her time in front of the camera, she sported a black tube top without straps, paired with golden hoop earrings and a necklace made of gold chains.

Work in progress: Emily gave fans a sneak peak before her transformation was complete, sharing a photo from Monday with her hair in full foils and blonde pieces out in front of her face

Wash out: She showed some of the bleaching process which required the black to be rinsed after foils

Emily shared a glimpse of her ongoing makeover on Monday, uploading a picture where she sported full foils and some blonde streaks in front of her face. However, her transformation was not yet done.

Following a time-consuming process of lightening her naturally dark brown hair, she treated her followers to a preview of her new look through a video on her Instagram stories while riding in a car. Her fresh appearance is a bold transformation that accentuates her full lips and naturally dark eyebrows with added drama. Additionally, the model proudly displayed her newly bleached tresses in a collection of seductive sunlit photos taken for Kerastase.

Mom and me: Emily was sure to pose with he dog Colombo as she flaunted her new look

Emily made sure to snap a photo with her furry companion, Colombo, as she proudly showed off her refreshed appearance alongside him.

Only a day after showing off her Inamorata brand on Insta Stories, Emily Ratajkowski has changed her hair color. She and her husband, along with their dog Colombo, are currently staying at her parents’ house in Los Angeles. On Father’s Day, she sent wishes to her own father, John David Ratajkowski, and to Colombo’s dad, Sebastian.

Newly done: After the lengthy process of bleaching her dark brown hair she gave fans a sneak peak at the look in her Instagram stories as she recorded a video in the car

Freshly completed: Following a time-consuming bleaching procedure on her dark brown locks, she treated her followers to a teaser of her new look through Instagram stories while filming herself in the car.

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