“From Errands to Dog-walking: Miley Cyrus Enjoys a Day Out with Her Latest Rescue, Pit Bull Angel”

On Sunday, Miley Cyrus delighted her followers by introducing them to her newly rescued dog, Angel. The adorable Pit Bull made an appearance again on Monday as the pop star took her along for some errands in Beverly Hills. Miley opted for a relaxed look, sporting a Motley Crue tank top paired with black leggings. She completed her outfit with a pair of pink patterned slip-on canvas shoes.

New companion: She introduced her fans to her new rescue pup Angel on Sunday. And on Monday, Miley Cyrus took the Pit Bull with her as she ran some errands in Beverly Hills

Miley Cyrus delighted her followers by sharing a snapshot of her new furry friend, Angel, on Sunday. The singer-songwriter proudly showed off her recent rescue pup to the world. The following day, she took her Pit Bull out for a stroll while running some errands in Beverly Hills. Miley looked trendy with her short blonde locks styled up in a top knot and oversized black glasses with yellow lenses. As a responsible pet owner, she also wore a pale pink face mask while holding onto her beloved Angel’s long pink leash. The adorable pooch was seen wearing a matching pink collar around its neck, looking perfectly at home with its loving new owner.

Casual: The pop star, 28, wore a Motley Crue tank top and black leggings for her outing and stepped out in pink patterned slip-on canvas shoes

Informal: During her day out, the 28-year-old singer rocked a Motley Crue sleeveless top paired with black leggings. She completed her look with a pair of slip-on canvas shoes that had a pink pattern.

Sweet: She held onto her new pet on a long pink leash and the dog also wore a pink collar around it's neck

In a heartwarming scene, the former Hannah Montana star was spotted holding her new pet on a long pink leash. The pooch sported a matching pink collar around its neck. Angel came into Miley’s life after her beloved dog Mary Jane passed away in January. The singer-actress shared with her social media followers that Mary Jane was a rescued pit mix who had been her “best friend.” She added that even though Mary Jane had outlived the body she was in, she never really said goodbye. Miley felt her presence around her and interpreted her eyes as saying, “See you soon Bestie.” Miley said that Mary Jane defined loyalty and would never break a promise. The pop star also said that she sensed Mary Jane’s blessing on Angel, who was named after the one who delivered her to Miley. Miley was saddened to learn that Angel had to sleep on concrete in a shelter for three months before she found her forever home.

Cyrus adopted Angel after the death of her beloved dog Mary Jane in January. She shared Sunday: 'I feel her here with me blessing this new member to my family who's name is

Cyrus welcomed a new addition to her family named Angel after losing her precious dog Mary Jane in January. She expressed that she senses Mary Jane’s presence and believes that she blesses Angel as a new member of the family.

Essay: The Wrecking Ball hitmaker posted a long story to her Instagram about how she felt Mary Jane's guiding paw in bringing Angel to her to join her furry family

In a recent post on her Instagram account, the singer known for her hit song, “Wrecking Ball”, shared a heartfelt story about how she believes her late pet Mary Jane played a role in bringing her new furry friend, Angel, into her life. The story was lengthy and detailed, expressing the deep bond between pets and their owners.

Pack: Miley continued to gush over Angel, who seemed to be fitting in quite nicely with the rest of her canine brood

Miley can’t stop raving about her new furry friend, Angel. She shared a sentimental quote from her past project, the 2008 Disney movie Bolt, where Miley voiced a girl who loses and ultimately reunites with her dog. Angel seems to be fitting in perfectly with Miley’s other dogs, as she continues to shower her new pup with love and attention. Miley even went as far as saying that she may never sleep again because she can’t take her eyes off of Angel. She believes that Angel’s halo shines bright, and she’s excited to show off her new addition to the world. Her new furry friend is a ray of light, and Miley feels that Mary Jane’s aura shines through her. Miley is overjoyed, and all the tears shed are happy ones!

Heartbroken: Cyrus was devastated when she lost her beloved Mary Jane to cancer in January

Feeling Devastated: Cyrus experienced immense grief after losing her dear Mary Jane to cancer this past January.

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