“Golden Glam: Kendall Jenner Dazzles in Nightie Top on Jimmy Kimmel Show Amidst Neighborhood Controversy”

In June, Kendall Jenner bought a stunning $6.5 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills. However, it seems that her new neighbors were not thrilled about her moving in. Kendall appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in Hollywood on Wednesday wearing a gorgeous gold lacy nightie top, looking utterly fantastic.

Big night: Kendall Jenner appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night

Kendall Jenner made an appearance on Wednesday’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, which was quite a big evening for her.

Wow factor: The 20-year-old model looked absolutely fabulous as she headed to the interview in Hollywood

The 20-year-old model made a stunning appearance as she made her way for an interview in Hollywood. During the show, the chat show host, who is 48 years old, disclosed that he and the popular TV personality from Keeping Up With The Kardashians live just across the street from each other. However, Jimmy mentioned that the neighbors were not particularly thrilled about Kendall’s arrival in the neighborhood. He even added that there were several emails exchanged regarding the matter.

Quite the entrance: Kendall strutted her stuff after her introduction

Kendall made quite an impression as she confidently walked down the runway after being announced.

Friendly to fans: She waved to audience members who where cheering her on

Approachable towards supporters: With a smile on her face, she acknowledged the spectators who were rooting for her by waving back.

Getting comfortable: The 48-year-old chat show host revealed that he and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star live right across the street from one another

During a recent interview, the 48-year-old host of a chat show shared that he and a star from Keeping Up With The Kardashians reside across the street from each other. Kendall, one of the Kardashian-Jenner siblings, appeared surprised upon hearing this information and asked if it was a bad thing. The host explained that it wasn’t always easy living near Kendall and her family, as they caused quite a commotion in the neighborhood. Nevertheless, Kendall expressed that living on her own was a unique experience and felt comforted knowing that she had the chat show host as a neighbor.

Ouch: Kendall seemed shocked as Jimmy told her: 'Our neighbors were up in arms when you moved on the block'

Kendall appeared taken aback when Jimmy shared with her that the neighbors were greatly displeased when she relocated to the area.

'Oh there was this whole thing with emails that went on': Jimmy said that several of their neighbors were even blaming him 

According to Jimmy, there was a fuss about emails that caused some of their neighbors to point fingers at him.

Feeling better: The older sister of Kylie Jenner said it is quite a different experience living on her own but felt oddly comforted that she would be living by the chat show host

Kendall Jenner, the elder sister of Kylie Jenner, has revealed that it is a unique experience living on her own but she finds comfort in knowing that chat show host Jimmy Kimmel lives right across the street. Despite her mother’s initial displeasure with her decision to move into a home by herself, Kendall feels oddly reassured by the thought of having a potential life saver nearby. She also mentioned that her new home is vastly different from her previous condo. When asked about her cleaning habits, Kendall admitted to being an extreme neat freak and even cleans alongside her maids.

Saving grace: She said that her mother Kris Jenner was skeptical about her moving into a large house all by herself

A silver lining: According to her, her mother Kris Jenner had some reservations about her living alone in a spacious house.

Comforted: She told her mom: 'No, you know what, it's okay because Jimmy Kimmel lives right across the street. I don't know him but like maybe if anything goes down he'll save my life'

Soothed: She reassured her mother by saying, “Don’t worry, mom. It’s all good because Jimmy Kimmel happens to live across the street. Although I’ve never met him, I have a feeling that he’ll come to my rescue if anything were to happen.”

OCD:  Kendall described herself as a neat freak as she said: 'I'm like cleaning with my maids when they come over to clean. I'm like with them scrubbing the floors'

Kendall has opened up about her OCD tendencies, admitting that she’s a bit of a neat freak. She even cleans alongside her maids when they come over to clean, making sure everything is spick and span. Despite this, she still manages to look amazing, as seen when she stepped out in a gold lace nightie-inspired top paired with a black pencil skirt featuring gold button detailing. Completing the outfit were black patent leather booties and a purple choker. Her eye-catching look definitely turned heads!

All shine: The model rocked a lacy gold nightie top while heading to the appearance

Looking glamorous: The fashion model was seen wearing a beautiful gold lace nightgown top as she made her way to the event.

Chic: She surely turned heads in the racy look as she tucked the tucked the silky top into a black pencil skirt featuring gold button detailings

Chic: She surely turned heads in the racy look as she tucked the tucked the silky top into a black pencil skirt featuring gold button detailings

Stylish: The way she dressed up caught everyone’s attention as she elegantly paired a smooth top with a sleek black pencil skirt, adorned with striking gold buttons.

Looking good: Kendall completed the look with a pair of black patent leather booties and accessorised with a matching choker

Kendall put together a stylish outfit that stood out. She paired her attire with some sleek black patent leather booties and finished the look off with a matching choker accessory. Her fashion sense was on point!

Pretty: Her raven coloured tresses were pulled back in a ponytail as she let the fringe down in a middle-part

Beautiful: She wore her dark black hair in a sleek ponytail, with her bangs gracefully parted down the middle.

Excited: She took to her Snapchat to share a picture of her name emblazoned on the door

With great enthusiasm, she decided to post a photo on her Snapchat account showing her name displayed prominently on the door.

Kendall Jenner had her sleek black hair tied back in a ponytail while letting the front strands loose and parted in the middle, accentuating her natural beauty. The supermodel proudly showed off her flawless makeup on her face during her appearance on the ABC talk show. Excited to be a part of the show, Kendall even shared a backstage snap of her name prominently displayed on the door using her Snapchat account. Accompanying her on the occasion, her mother, Kris Jenner, was also seen heading towards the Hollywood studio.

The boss: Kris Jenner was also spotted heading to the Hollywood studio

Kris Jenner, the boss, was seen making her way to the Hollywood studio.

Signature style: The 60-year-old momager rocked all-black as she wore a pinstriped suit featuring flowy trousers and black leather shoes

Signature style: The 60-year-old momager rocked all-black as she wore a pinstriped suit featuring flowy trousers and black leather shoes

The 60-year-old mother who manages her children’s careers looked fabulous in her all-black outfit. She wore a stylish pinstriped suit with loose-fitting trousers and paired it with sleek black leather shoes.

Momager: Her short dark tresses were combed to the side as she finished off the outfit with a pair of mirrored aviator shades

The mother-manager, aged 60, donned her usual all-black attire consisting of a pinstriped suit with flowy trousers and black leather shoes. She completed the ensemble by styling her short dark hair to the side and wearing aviator shades with mirrored lenses. A picture of her daughter Kendall striking a pose next to Jimmy Kimmel’s sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez was even posted on social media. Don’t miss out on Jimmy Kimmel Live weeknights at 11:30 pm on ABC.

Happy couple: Kris even posted a photo of Kendall putting her best pose on next to Jimmy Kimmel Live sidekick Guillermo Rodriguez

Kris shared a picture of Kendall striking a pose alongside Guillermo Rodriguez, Jimmy Kimmel Live’s sidekick, which captured the happy couple’s joy.

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