“Iron Man 3” Premiere: Robert Downey Jr. Rocks a Traditional Look in Lederhosen

The Hollywood star has been busy with his promotional tour for the upcoming movie “Iron Man 3” in different parts of the world such as Moscow, China, and Korea. Despite most events requiring him to dress formally, he surprised everyone by wearing traditional German lederhosen for the Munich premiere. Downey Jr. enjoyed flaunting his unique attire for the press. Don’t miss out on watching “Iron Man 3” when it hits theaters on May 3.

robert downey jr iron man 3 premiere

Check out Robert Downey Jr.’s look at the Munich premiere.

robert downey jr lederhosen

Without wasting a moment, he quickly posed and acted in front of the cameras.

robert downey jr iron man 3

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The image credit goes to Dominik Bindl/Getty Images.

tony stark iron man 3 premiere


A photograph captured by Dominik Bindl for Getty Images.

robert downey jr munich

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