Johnson and Statham Race to the Top: A Clash of Fast and Furious Titans.

In the movie Fast & Furious 7, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham played enemies with swords. However, in their new action film Hobbs & Shaw, they are now partners. Johnson, aged 47, portrays Luke Hobbs, an agent for the US diplomatic security service while Statham, aged 51, portrays Deckard Shaw, a former British special forces operative who is now an outcast.

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham take a moment for some bromance at LA  premiere of Hobbs & Shaw | Daily Mail Online

After its recent release in the UK, it is expected that the movie will be a huge success at the box office. However, if we were to imagine a real-life scenario where the stars are pitted against each other, who would come out on top?

Talking about earnings, The Rock, a former WWE wrestler, is one of America’s highest-grossing actors in history. He is not just brawny, but also brainy, as he has made some wise investments and pursued lucrative side hustles with his share of the profits, which has led him to accumulate a whopping fortune of £230 million.

In July, Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham made their grand entrance at the premiere of “Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” in Los Angeles. Jason, who is no stranger to making hefty bank deposits, has also earned himself a significant portion of the movie’s profits. However, his £32 million earnings pale in comparison to Dwayne’s, who spends his money on custom cars that he wouldn’t lend to Jason anytime soon, especially after the Brit ruined hundreds of cars in the “Fast & Furious” movies. Interestingly, both actors used to have a full head of hair before they became bald.

These tough looking guys didn’t always have a bald head. In the 90s, The Rock experimented with different hairdos until he finally accepted his male pattern baldness and decided to shave it off. During his early days as a high diver, Jason had a slicked-back hairstyle that helped him glide through the water with ease. It’s hard to say who came out on top in terms of hair loss, as The Rock’s hair seemed to have fallen out on its own, while young Jason may have had to swim faster to avoid being chased by admirers. As for Dwayne’s love life, he was happily married to his first wife, Dany Garcia, for two decades.

Dwayne was in a matrimonial bond with his former spouse, Day Garcia, for a good 20 years.

The famous wrestler turned actor, The Rock, welcomed two more daughters with his partner, singer Laureen Hashian. The couple has been together for a long time. On the other hand, the 50-year-old media mogul was known to be the driving force behind The Rock’s successful career while also serving as CEO of her own wealth management firm. They ended their relationship amicably in 2007 and have an 18-year-old daughter named Simone. Jason, on the other hand, dated model Kelly Brook when she was just 18 years old, but despite expectations of marriage, they broke up in 2004. He is now engaged to 32-year-old model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and the couple has a two-year-old son.

Jasop started dating model Kelly Brook when she was only 18 years old.

Currently, Dwayne is happily engaged to a 32-year-old model named Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Together they have a two-year-old child. It’s unclear who will win in the comparison between Dwayne’s former wife and Jason’s ex as both women are impressive in their own ways. However, it’s safe to say that our beloved Kel cannot be considered as a media mogul. Interestingly, both Dwayne and Jason’s careers took off after wearing tiny trunks in public. Dwayne gained immense popularity among wrestling fans as pro wrestler The Rock during his eight-year stint with WWE before venturing into acting.

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, gained immense popularity and respect as a professional wrestler with WWE for eight years. He later shifted his focus to acting and became a renowned personality in the movie industry. On the other hand, Jason started his career as a diver and competed for England in the 1990 Commonwealth Games in three categories – 10 metre, 3 metre, and 1 metre diving competitions. He was famously known for flaunting his toned physique in a pair of tight swimwear, which gained attention due to his appearance in the movie Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. While Dwayne entertained audiences with his wrestling skills, Jason wins in terms of excelling at a legitimate sport.

Jasoп participated in the 1990 Commonwealth Games for England, competing in the 10 meter, 3 meter and 1-meter diving competitions while sporting a pair of tight swim trunks that highlighted his physique, reminiscent of his character in “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels” (BBC Pictures Grabs).

Apart from diving, Jason also pursued an acting career. He landed his first role in the film “The Mummy Returns” in 2001, and later starred in the lead role in “The Scorpion King” the following year. However, it was his portrayal of Luke Hobbs in the “Fast and Furious” franchise that catapulted him to superstar status and made him a box office success. His appearances in “The Fate of the Furious,” “Baywatch,” and “Jumanji” in 2017, and “Skyscraper” and “Rampage” in 2018, earned him a place among the world’s highest-paid actors, behind only Mark Wahlberg and George Clooney.

Jason’s impressive acting skills caught the attention of director Ritchie, who cast him in his London gangster films “Lock, Stock…” and “Snatch.” Audiences have since flocked to see him play the same character in the “Transporter” trilogy, “The Expendables,” and more recently, “The Meg.”

The newly released trailer of “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” has brought excitement to fans. The film stars Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, both of whom are not typically known for their acting skills, but The Rock seems to have a larger celebrity following. As for their group of friends, Jason counts on former footballer and actor Vinnie Jones, as well as director Guy Ritchie, while The Rock boasts A-listers such as Zac Efron, Hugh Jackman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and John Cena. In terms of who would win in a fight, pound for pound, The Rock would come out on top since his friends are known for their physical strength. Overall, fans can’t wait to witness the action-packed adventure that this highly anticipated movie will bring.

Jason has a formidable reputation as a tough Brit, having earned black belts in judo, karate, and taekwondo. He counts former Crazy Gang footballer and actor Vinnie Jones as his best friend from school, and he’s also buddies with Guy Ritchie, the ex-husband of Madonna. While Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may have learned pretend-fighting to become a wrestling superstar, it’s unclear if he could hold his own against Jason in a real fight. However, we wouldn’t want to find out. Although Dwayne might win in rock-paper-scissors, the kick-boxing champ from Derbyshire would certainly put up a strong fight. It’s safe to say that it would be a draw.

It seems that The Rock barely edges out the competition with a seemingly non-existent amount of hair. However, given Dwayne’s recent roles in family-friendly movies like Jumanji, Jason can rightfully claim to be the king of action films! Although there have been rumors about Dwayne running for US President, if Jason wanted to take a shot at holding power, they could team up and take down Trump and Boris.

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