Judd Apatow Reacts to Kim Kardashian’s ‘This is 40’ Bikini Shots: ‘Did I Miss Something in the Film?’

Judd Apatow had a humorous response to Kim Kardashian’s album of steamy bikini photos titled ‘This is 40!’. These pictures were taken on her 40th birthday trip to Marlon Brando’s private island in Tahiti, which was met with criticism. Upon seeing the photos on Twitter, Judd, who directed the film ‘This Is 40’, jokingly replied to her tweet by saying, “I don’t recall this part of the movie.”

'I don't remember this part of the movie': Judd Apatow posted a tongue-in-cheek tweet in response to Kim Kardashian's 'This is 40!' album of sizzling bikini snaps

Judd Apatow made a witty remark on Twitter after seeing Kim Kardashian’s album of stunning bikini photos titled “This is 40!” Apparently, during her recent birthday getaway in Tahiti, Kim screened Judd’s film for her 40 guests on the beach. The movie, entitled This Is 40, stars Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann who portray a couple facing midlife challenges while raising their children. The film was actually a sequel to Knocked Up, another hit comedy by Apatow. In addition, the talented Melissa McCarthy also appeared in the cast, fresh from her success in Bridesmaids the previous year.

Busty bombshell: Kim's pictures were taken in October during her controversial 40th birthday trip to what used to be Marlon Brando's private island in Tahiti

Curvy beauty: Kim’s snapshots were captured in October while she was enjoying her 40th birthday expedition to Marlon Brando’s old secluded island in Tahiti, which sparked some controversy.

Throwback: Judd, who directed a movie called This Is 40, is pictured at the Directors Guild Of America Awards this January in Los Angeles

This Is 40 director, Judd, was captured in a throwback photo attending the Directors Guild Of America Awards in Los Angeles earlier this year. In October, Kim brought along a group of loved ones to Tahiti for a lavish six-day celebration in honor of her 40th birthday. However, some Twitter users criticized the trip as insensitive given the current global pandemic and its economic consequences. Kim’s siblings, Kourtney, Khloe, Rob, and half-sister Kendall, all joined in on the festivity.

Barrel of laughs: This Is 40 starred Judd's wife Leslie Mann opposite Paul Rudd as a married couple with children struggling to cope with midlife

What a hoot: The movie This Is 40 features Judd Apatow’s wife, Leslie Mann, and Paul Rudd playing a married couple dealing with the challenges of middle age and raising kids.

Remember when: Paul and Leslie were reprising their roles from Judd's smash hit 2007 movie Knocked Up which was led by Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl

Do you recall that time when Paul and Leslie revisited their parts in Judd’s blockbuster flick, Knocked Up, which originally starred Seth Rogen and Katherine Heigl? The Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner, was also present with her significantly younger beau Corey Gamble. Both Scott Disick and Tristan Thompson, fathers of Kourtney and Khloe’s offspring, were spotted on the excursion too. Additionally, pals such as La La, Tracy Romulus, and Chris Appleton were seen relishing Kim’s company during her momentous occasion.

Power couple: Leslie and Judd are pictured together at the Vanity Fair Oscar party this February in Beverly Hills a month before the coronavirus lockdowns

Leslie and Judd, a power couple, were seen together at the Vanity Fair Oscar party last February in Beverly Hills, just a month before the start of the COVID-19 lockdowns. Recently, Kim shared on Instagram that she surprised her closest friends with a luxurious getaway to a private island after two weeks of health screenings and quarantine requirements. She hoped to briefly experience a sense of normalcy amidst the pandemic. While several social media posts have surfaced from the trip, Kylie, Kendall’s younger sister, was not seen in any of them. Additionally, Kanye West, Kim’s husband, was not initially present, but reportedly joined the vacation during its final two days according to Page Six.

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