Kim K Shows Off Fit Figure on Intense Hiking Trip in Sexy Bra Top and Shorts

Kim Kardashian was determined to improve her physique after coming across some unflattering photos of herself in a swimsuit back in April. She has since been putting in a lot of effort and it shows, with the 36-year-old KUWTK star flaunting her toned body during one of her intense workout sessions on Friday. According to, Kim was captured wearing a revealing bra top and cycling shorts as she went on a hike with her friend Carla DiBello and personal trainer Don-A-Matrix in Los Angeles. Watch the video below for more.

Getting it together: Kim Kardashian showed off her slim figure as she hiked in Los Angeles this week

Kim Kardashian flaunted her svelte physique while going on a hike in Los Angeles recently.

Grueling: The 36-year-old TV star jogged up hill alongside her trainer Don-A-Matrix

The TV personality, aged 36, endured a strenuous jog uphill with her trainer Don-A-Matrix. They braved the trails of Fryman Canyon, situated close to her Bel Air abode, showing great concentration throughout their workout. Kim exhibited excellent physical fitness, with her hair styled in boxer braids and wearing sneakers from her husband Kanye West’s Yeezy Boost range. Surprisingly, despite the intensity of the movement, her small sports bra was able to sustain her chest comfortably as she picked up speed. The group decided to take a breather only when they encountered a person walking their dogs, taking time to appreciate the furry creatures. As a mother to two children, North and Saint, the celebrity appears committed to her newly adopted fitness regimen.

Keeping them in check: Kim's tiny sports bra miraculously appeared to be quite supportive of her ᴀssets as she picked up speed

As Kim accelerated, her small sports bra seemed to be doing a great job of keeping her ᴀssets in place.

Feeling the heat: Kim wore the skimpy top with slimming cycling shorts for her training session

Kim chose to dress in a revealing top and form-fitting cycling shorts for her workout, despite the warm weather causing her to feel the heat.

Working hard: The mother-of-two vowed to get into better shape after seeing unedited pictures of herself in Mexico in April

Determined to make some changes after coming across unretouched photos of herself from a trip to Mexico in April, the mother of two set her sights on improving her physical fitness.

Picking up speed: Kim showed impressive form as she ran along the winding trails of Fryman Canyon

Picking up speed: Kim showed impressive form as she ran along the winding trails of Fryman Canyon

Kim displayed impressive running skills as she navigated the meandering paths of Fryman Canyon, swiftly picking up pace. In a recent interview, she confessed her desire to improve her physical fitness after coming across some unflattering vacation pictures that had surfaced months prior. Despite suspecting the pictures were doctored, she was dismayed by her appearance in them. During an appearance on The View, Kardashian lamented, “I came across these horrendous photos of myself while on a trip to Mexico. People had edited and retouched them to make me look worse.”

Motivated: Kim, who wore her hair in boxer braids, looked super focused

Kim appeared to be highly motivated as she sported boxer braids and displayed a strong sense of concentration.

Fighting fit: The KUWTK star revealed she hadn't worked out in 12 weeks when she saw unflattering pH๏τos of herself in April

In great shape: The star of Keeping Up with the Kardashians admitted that she had not exercised for three months after seeing some unfavorable pictures of herself in April.

Ready for action: The E! star appeared to limber up before her workout

Ready for action: The E! star appeared to limber up before her workout

Prepared for exercise: The celebrity from E! seemed to warm up her body before starting her physical training.

Natural beauty: The group got to soak up the canyon views as they worked up a sweat

While enjoying the picturesque canyon views, the group also engaged in some physical activity. Kim revealed on The View that she has been following a new fitness regimen for three weeks now, which involves a revised diet plan and working out with a girl she met online. Emphasizing the importance of dedication and hard work, Kim shared that she wakes up between 5:30 and 6 every morning to exercise for an hour and a half before her kids wake up. In addition to rigorous workouts, she has completely revamped her eating habits.

Fellow hiker: The friendly star stopped to chat with a dog walker during the jaunt

Companion trekker: The amiable stargazer took a moment to converse with a person walking their dog on their journey.

Animals lovers: Kim's pal Carla stopped to pet one of the pups

People who love animals: Carla, Kim’s friend, paused to stroke one of the young dogs.

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