“New York Stroll: Emily Ratajkowski’s Chic Brown Mini Dress Showcases Her Gorgeous Long Legs”

The New York Fashion Week is well underway and Emily Ratajkowski did not disappoint as she confidently walked down the streets of the city. The 32-year-old supermodel had already made an impression during the PLT runway show the night before and once again turned heads on Wednesday morning. She wore a shiny brown mini dress with a daringly high slit that showed off her long legs. Completing the look were strappy brown stilettos with a gold hoop heel that added an eccentric touch. Emily paid attention to every detail, carrying a small black lambskin squeeze bag with a gold chain strap from Loewe over her shoulder.

In her element: It is New York Fashion week so Emily Ratajkowski made sure to make the Big Apple sidewalks her personal runway

Completely comfortable in her element, Emily Ratajkowski effortlessly walked down the streets of New York during Fashion Week, exuding an air of confidence and sophistication that only a true fashion icon could possess.

Gorgeous: The 32-year-old supermodel once again had heads turning while out and about in New York City on Wednesday morning

The gorgeous model, aged 32, caused a stir as she took a walk around New York City on Wednesday morning. She looked ravishing in her high-end attire and finished off her outfit with a gold necklace featuring two pendants and designer black sunglasses. Her signature dark locks were parted in the middle, and she complemented her look with makeup. Emily is not just known for her fashion sense but also has her own clothing line called Inamorata, which she often models on Instagram. Recently, she was part of Victoria’s Secret Icon campaign, an experience she described as an honor during an interview with Popsugar. Emily commended the campaign’s art direction and the representation of powerful women, mentioning that it was her first time working with Victoria’s Secret.

Wow factor: The stunner strutted her stuff as she showcased plenty of leg in a shiny brown mini dress featuring a very high slit.

The stunning model showed off her well-toned legs with great confidence in a stunning brown mini dress that had a super high cut.

Strutting her stuff: She completed the pin parade with a pair of strappy brown stilettos featuring an eccentric gold hoop heel

wow: Emily made sure no detail was overlooked as she had a small black lambskin squeeze bag with a gold chain strap from Loewe draped over her shoulder

Flaunting her fashion sense, she completed her pin assortment with a trendy pair of brown stilettos sporting a unique gold ring as a heel.

Beautiful in brown: She teamed the piece of couture with black designer shades and a gold necklace featuring two pendants including one massive circular one

Looking fabulous in earthy tones: The beautiful attire was complemented perfectly with sleek black shades and a sophisticated gold necklace featuring two pendants, one of which was a striking circular design.

Big Apple beauty: Her signature brunette tresses were worn down in a middle-part as she accentuated her look with complementary make-up

New York City’s allure was on full display as she confidently showcased her iconic chestnut tresses, elegantly parted down the center. To top off her appearance, she adorned herself with some striking cosmetics that complemented her style.

Lovely lady: Emily looked absolutely stunning

Emily looked absolutely stunning and mesmerizing.

Paving the way: When Emily isn't wowing people with her incredible style, she is channeling her inner fashionista into her own fashion line, Inamorata

Emily is not only known for her impeccable taste in fashion, but she also showcases her skills by creating her own fashion brand called Inamorata. Aside from running Inamorata, the fit and famous influencer loves spending quality time with her young son, Sylvester, while exploring the bustling city of New York. During a recent interview with Harpers Bazaar in November 2022, Emily shared how becoming a mother has shifted her perspective on life. She emphasized that her son is her top priority and that nothing else comes before him. Emily also revealed that the day Sylvester was born was the most magical moment of her life.

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