“Parisian Bathroom Selfie: Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Stunning Curves In a Sultry Snap”

Emily Ratajkowski is famous for flaunting her voluptuous figure on social media and in catwalks worldwide. Recently, the 27-year-old model posted a photo of herself in a bathroom in Paris. In the picture, she can be seen posing against a mirror, with her pert derriere thrust out.

In Form: Emily Ratajkowski stayed true to form on Wednesday, as she shared a photo of herself posing against a mirror in a bathroom

Emily Ratajkowski shared a photo on Instagram of herself posing in a bathroom mirror, staying true to her usual style. The photo showcased her assets, which appeared larger than usual in the skintight green dress she wore. The room had a historical feel to it with cobblestone walls and only one source of light, but Emily’s aura was irresistible. Her long brown hair cascaded down her back, while silver pendant earrings shimmered in the light. Although it’s unclear whether she’s in Paris for work or pleasure, she seemed to be enjoying her time in the City of Light.

Gorgeous: The 27-year-old model pushed out her perky derriere in the sultry image, which was taken in a Paris bathroom 

Lovely: In a sexy photo taken in a Paris bathroom, the stunning 27-year-old model flaunted her plump buttocks. Emily recently showcased her swimwear brand by posting a video on Instagram, promoting the $160 Leucadia swimsuit in a beautiful burgundy shade from her label Inamorata. She modeled the backless one-piece with great poise and grace for her massive following of 18.8 million.

Creator: Last week, Emily spent some time showing off her own swimwear line

Sharing: The designer shared a video on Instagram where she plugs a burgundy edition of her company Inamorata's $160 Leucadia swimsuit

Last week, Emily took some time to showcase her very own swimwear collection. With her wavy hair cascading around her hoop earrings, she turned smoothly in a video to display the swimsuit from various angles. The Leucadia design boasted a neckline that gave a generous glimpse of both her cleavage and her perfectly flat midriff. Additionally, the swimsuit accentuated her behind, which she demonstrated by turning away from the camera and facing the white background.

Business or pleasure: Emily is currently enjoying some time in the City of Light, though we remain uncertain if it is work or pleasure related

Emily is currently having a great time in the City of Lights, but it’s still uncertain whether she’s there for work or leisure.

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