Robert Downey Jr. Expresses Eternal Love for Wife on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, Robert Downey Jr shared a romantic message for his wife Susan on social media along with a set of photo booth pictures. The actor looked great after switching to a vegan diet and was seen in casual but intimate poses with his producer wife of 17 years. He wore a simple black zip jacket, black pants, and white sneakers, while Susan was styled in a black crew neck sweater and black and white polka dot skirt. In the pictures, they smiled and laughed, looking happy and content together.

Robert Downey Jr expressed his affectionate Valentine’s Day message to his wife Susan on social media, where he wrote a poetic pledge of his endless love for her. The couple met on the set of the movie Gothika in 2003. Robert had struggled with drug addiction, and he acknowledges Susan for being a significant factor in helping him turn his life around. Despite this, Susan refused to take credit for Robert’s transformation during an interview, where she emphasized that it was Robert’s decision to make a change.

Robert Downey Jr., the actor famous for his role as Iron Man, recently shared some fun and playful photos on social media. In the pictures, the 57-year-old movie star can be seen posing with his wife of 17 years in a photo booth style setup. The couple looks relaxed and happy as they smile and laugh together, striking intimate poses. The photos are both sexy and silly, capturing the carefree spirit of their relationship.

Robert remembers the moment when he had a very clear conversation about something in his life. He felt that the person he was talking to was being very direct and there was no room for any discussion, but he realized that issuing an ultimatum can be effective. Susan interjected and said that ultimatums only work if the person is ready to make a change. Robert, who seemed to want to lighten the mood, jokingly said that Susan made him ready. In a 2009 interview with Harpers Bazaar, Susan revealed that her tough stance resulted in Robert throwing his drugs into the ocean after they pulled over in a Burger King parking lot.

Robert has given Susan the credit for assisting him in overcoming his drug addiction. According to an article from The Hollywood Reporter, the senior producer did not accept the acknowledgement and stated that “if anyone has ever dealt with someone with addiction, they know it has nothing to do with someone else”.

Actor Robert Downey Jr. opened up about his addiction during a court appearance in 1999, describing it as having “a shotgun in my mouth, and I’ve got my finger on the trigger, and I like the taste of the gun metal.” He later married Susan Levin in 2005 and they have two children together, Exton and Avri, while he also has an older son from a previous marriage. Downey has credited Levin for bringing balance to his life, saying that she is “pure and … right” but also has a “shadowy side” that she only shows to him. Director Guy Ritchie has praised their “sympathetic marriage,” saying that Levin helps Downey fight his dark side and keeps him engaged in life.

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