“Robert Downey Jr’s Fashion Flare Shines at Captain America Premiere with Unique Bootcut Suit”

Robert Downey, Jr. is known for his unique fashion sense on the red carpet and he did not disappoint at the London premiere of Captain America: Civil War. The actor opted for flared trousers with a 70s-inspired style and paired them with purple-tinted glasses. His playful poses on the red carpet added to the overall quirky look.

Flair for fashion? Robert Downey Jr rocked some seriously wide-legged pants at London's Captain America: Civil War premiere on Tuesday

Are you a fashion enthusiast? At London’s Captain America: Civil War premiere on Tuesday, Robert Downey Jr showcased his exquisite taste with some remarkably wide-legged pants. The iconic Iron Man actor carried off the trousers with unmatched finesse, as they featured a black panel on the inseam, adding an extra dash of sophistication to the outfit. He complemented the look by wearing black slip-on shoes and a grey paisley tie, further highlighting his effortless style. During the event, Downey Jr exhibited his full range of red carpet poses, including a mock-scowl in one shot and a crossed-arm smile in another.

I'm talking to you: Robert showed off his full repertoire of red carpet poses, pointing at the camera in a mock-scowl for one shot

Hey there! Robert just flaunted all his amazing red carpet poses, including a playful scowl as he pointed at the camera for one particular shot.

Quirky: The 51-year-old actor pared the wide-legged pants with some equally quirky purple-tinted glasses as he threw some jokey poses on the red carpet

Quirky: The 51-year-old actor pared the wide-legged pants with some equally quirky purple-tinted glasses as he threw some jokey poses on the red carpet

Amusing: While walking down the red carpet, the 51-year-old performer combined his wide-legged pants with some funky purple-tinted glasses and struck some humorous poses.

Good pals: The actor could barely contain his excitement when he came across his good friend Samuel L Jackson

The performer was brimming with enthusiasm upon encountering his close buddy, Samuel L Jackson.

Bring it in! Robert greeted his pal with outstretched arms and pulled him in for a warm hug on the red carpet

“Hey, man!” Robert exclaimed as he spotted his buddy Samuel L Jackson on the red carpet. With a wide grin on his face, he quickly made his way over to him and opened his arms for an embrace. Despite not actually being in the film, Samuel had come out to show his support for the latest installment of the franchise. Robert was clearly overjoyed to see him and couldn’t resist giving him a big hug.

Come here! The Shawshank Redemption star seemed ecstatic to see his friend and embraced him tightly 

“Hey, you!” The actor from The Shawshank Redemption appeared overjoyed upon spotting his pal and gave him a warm hug.

Two peas in a pod: The entertaining pair looked at each other fondly during one tender moment

The two buddies were like peas in a pod. They shared a close bond and in one heartwarming moment, they exchanged affectionate glances.

Strike a pose: The much-loved duo appeared at ease as they posed with fans and grinned at the cameras with their arms around each other

Cheeky chaps: They were perfectly in tune with each other sartorially too, with Samuel rocking a multi-coloured striped linen blazer

Posing for photographs, the beloved duo exuded a sense of calmness and comfort as they embraced their fans and smiled for the cameras with their arms wrapped around each other. Their playful demeanor was reflected in their matching outfits, with Samuel donning a vibrant multi-colored striped linen blazer by Turnbull & Asser paired with a light green shirt, a bold tie, and khaki trousers.

Hanging out: Robert also posed happily with Captain America himself Chris Evans 

Spending time together: Robert was spotted in a jovial mood as he took a photo alongside Chris Evans, who portrayed the iconic superhero Captain America.

Suave: Chris looked dapper in a black three-[iece suit which he paired with an aquamarine tie 

Chris appeared suave in his black three-piece suit, complemented by an aquamarine tie.

Slick: The 34-year-old actor looked distinguished as he sported swept-back hair and a beard

Cool: The male celebrity who is 34 years old appeared classy with his swept-back hair and facial hair.

Just chillin': The comedic actor took the time to hang out with one young fan who looked dapper in an electric blue suit 

Kicking back: The funny man decided to spend some quality time with a stylish little admirer who was rocking an eye-catching electric blue ensemble.

Back to the 70s? The Iron Man star worked his trousers with panache - which featured a black panel on the inseam for just a little added flair

Back to the 70s? The Iron Man star worked his trousers with panache - which featured a black panel on the inseam for just a little added flair

Is it a blast from the past? The star of Iron Man flaunted his trousers with style, featuring a black panel on the inseam for that extra touch of pizzazz. The movie serves as a follow-up to Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014. The story revolves around political interference with the Avengers’ missions, causing a division between former comrades Captain America and Iron Man. The introduction of new government laws to regulate superheroes splits the team into two factions; one headed by Captain America who opposes it, and the other led by Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, who supports it. The latest chapter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a thrilling trailer that shows the two once-close friends battling it out in an exciting matchup.

This guy: The much-loved actor was on fine form as he entertained the crowds and posed for pictures

This gentleman: The actor, who is widely adored, was in great spirits as he amused the audience and took snapshots with them.

Say cheese! He gave a wide grin to the cameras during the chirpy appearance at the premiere in Westfield shopping centre

Cheese! He flashed a broad smile for the cameras while appearing bubbly at the premiere held at Westfield shopping centre.

Behold! The Sherlock Holmes star lifted his arms theatrically as he stepped onto a stage filled with smoke

Look! The actor who played Sherlock Holmes raised his arms dramatically as he entered a mist-filled stage.

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