Selena Gomez Reveals New Tattoo and Flaunts Risqué Outfit in Italy: A Sign of Moving On from Justin Bieber?

Selena Gomez, the 21-year-old pop star, has recently revealed a new tattoo with an inspirational message that seems to suggest she may have finally moved on from her on/off relationship with Justin Bieber. The Arabic script inking translates to ‘Love yourself’ and ‘love yourself first’. Although Gomez refuses to discuss her private life, she has been posting cryptic messages on her Instagram.

Putting herself first: Selena Gomez, 21, poses in Italy on Wednesday at the Ischia global Festival... after revealing a cryptic new tattoo

Selena Gomez, age 21, recently posed for a photo shoot in Italy during the Ischia Global Festival. The singer was spotted with a new tattoo on her body, which she reportedly had done a few months ago when she and Justin Bieber were rumored to be back together. Selena wore an outfit that revealed her legs and cleavage, showing off a more daring side of herself. It is believed that Selena is trying to show Justin what he’s missing by putting herself first.

Getting her message across: E! reports that tattoo artic Bang Bang McCurdy revealed the meaning of the Arabic script inking translates to 'Love yourself' and 'love yourself first'

According to E! news, tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy disclosed the significance of the Arabic script tattoo, which translates to ‘Love yourself’ and ‘Put yourself first’.

Look away Justin! Selena looked stunning as arrived in Italy on Wednesday... and showed her on/off beau Bieber what he's missing

Selena Gomez arrived in Italy on Wednesday looking absolutely gorgeous and proving to her on-and-off boyfriend, Justin Bieber, what he’s missing. Despite their recent reunion, it seems that things are not going smoothly between them as Justin was spotted getting cozy with model Yovanna Ventura. Selena may have decided to retaliate by being seen with male model Tanz Watson. Regardless of the current state of their relationship, Selena is definitely making a statement that she is now prioritizing herself.

Never, ever, getting back together? Justin and Selena are said to have no broken up once again

According to sources close to Justin and Selena, the on-again, off-again couple have split once again. Though there is still an emotional connection between them, they are not currently in a relationship. Despite this, it seems that the two are trying to make each other jealous by posting pictures on Instagram with other people. Selena is reportedly happy and enjoying time with friends in New York City, while also focusing on moving forward with her life.

Looking every inch the diva: Selena is seen in Italy for the Ischia Global Festival on Wednesday

Selena Gomez was spotted in Italy looking absolutely stunning for the Ischia Global Festival on Wednesday. The singer and actress exuded diva vibes as she stepped out in style.

Tatt's a good look: Selena was all smiles as she jetted into Italy after revealing her new inking

Selena Gomez arrived in Italy with a new tattoo, looking happy and relaxed. The source mentioned that it’s not unusual for kids to get tattoos. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber has been spotted on several dates with model Yovanna Ventura, while Selena was pictured getting cozy with her friend Tanz Watson. Apparently, Justin and Selena broke up because he didn’t invite her to his manager Scooter Braun’s wedding in Canada.

Big changes ahead: Selena - seen here in New York last week - appears to be happy to move on from her ex Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez, who was spotted in New York last week, seems to be ready for a new chapter in her life, leaving behind her former flame Justin Bieber. Exciting times are on the horizon for her.

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