“Selena Gomez Stuns in Risqué Black Semi-Sheer Dress at Paris Fashion Week’s Grand Finale”

Selena Gomez made a bold fashion statement at the Louis Vuitton post-show dinner in Paris on Wednesday. The singer-actress was spotted wearing a black chiffon dress with semi-sheer panelling, which left little to the imagination. It appeared that Selena had gone without a bra or underwear for the luxury night out. The dress featured a chiffon section that tied around her neck, and she styled her brown hair in an up-do for the special occasion. She completed the look with a pair of semi-sheer Christian Louboutin heels.

Back to black: Selena Gomez looked incredible in a sexy low-cut chiffon dress when she attended the Louis Vuitton fashion dinner in Paris on Wednesday night - having worn a further two looks earlier on in the day

Well-heeled: She teamed the look with a pair of see-through court shoes

Selena Gomez stunned in a gorgeous, revealing black chiffon dress at the Louis Vuitton fashion dinner in Paris on Wednesday night. This was her third outfit change of the day, as earlier she had kept it simple yet stylish with a white blouse and denim miniskirt. She later switched into red leather trousers to attend the Louis Vuitton catwalk show at Paris Fashion Week, where she stood out amongst the supermodels with her long legs despite being only 5ft4in tall. Selena’s enviable sense of style is clear, as she opts for clean lines and statement shoes to complete her fashion-forward looks.

Saucy! The singer and actress went underwear free in her ensemble which had semi-sheer panels going down the sides

Bold move! The artist and performer chose to forgo wearing underwear in her outfit that featured partially transparent panels running along the sides.

Wardrobe malfunction: She appeared to go underwear free again the day before in this extreme thigh-split dress at PFW

Wardrobe malfunction: Selena's seriously high side split proved to be a little too revealing and she flashed her underwear

Her wardrobe malfunction was evident when she stepped out in a daring thigh-split dress at PFW, seemingly without wearing any undergarments.

Well, why not? Selena wore a total of three outfits in one day as she enjoyed the last day of Paris Fashion Week

Chic: Her hair was held in place with a piece of her own brunette locks

Why not have three outfit changes in one day? Selena Gomez did just that during the last day of Paris Fashion Week, effortlessly standing out in a simple shirt and skirt combo. Her snakeprint heels added a bold touch, while her bubblegum pink handbag brought back memories of her Disney days. Selena’s sleek straight hair and glossy finish, paired with Krewe du Optic sunglasses completed both looks perfectly. Keep up with Selena Gomez’s latest updates as she leads the stars at Louis Vuitton’s Paris Fashion Show.

Backstage: Brand ambassadors (from left) Jennifer Connelly, Lea Seydoux, Alicia Vikander, Selena and Adele Exarchopoulos joined French fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquiere (centre) backstage

Behind the scenes: The famous faces of Jennifer Connelly, Lea Seydoux, Alicia Vikander, Selena and Adele Exarchopoulos were spotted with French fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquiere at the backstage, all promoting their brands.

Representing: Jaden Smith (far right) and Catherine Deneuve (centre) joined the line up for a group shot

Jaden Smith and Catherine Deneuve were both present for a group photo, standing at the far right and center respectively.

Pulling it off: Though it was simple, Selena didn't need to do much to stand out

Glossy: Her hair was straight and sleek

Selena made a stylish appearance at the fashion show, pairing a skirt with a shirt. Her long legs were on full display and she looked adorable. Meanwhile, Nicolas Ghesquiere’s show featured a stunning regal theme, incorporating chunky boots and intricate patterns for a refreshed look.

On the catwalk: It was a spectacular display on Wednesday afternoon

On the runway: The Wednesday afternoon fashion show was a stunning visual spectacle. Selena made a quick appearance, but managed to slip in one more costume change before heading back to her hotel. She opted for a black top, leather trousers, and a coat, all while carrying a stylish Louis Vuitton handbag. As an ambassador for the brand since she was 17 years old, Selena was treated as an esteemed guest at the show and even had the chance to spend time with designer Nicolas Ghesquiere. Despite his impressive eye for style demonstrated by his latest AW16 collection, Nicolas blended into the background wearing leather and black jeans. The star-studded front row included musician Zendaya, actress Sophie Turner, and Jaden Smith, alongside regulars Kris Jenner, Anna Wintour, and Karlie Kloss.

Here she comes: Hoards of fans followed the brunette beauty into the show space on Wednesday

Look who’s arrived: A swarm of admirers trailed the attractive brunette as she made her way into the venue on Wednesday. Making a grand entrance: The ex-Disney celebrity hurriedly strode into the location, flaunting her lengthy legs in trendy high heels.

Slick: She held her head high in the slick ensemble

For the fans: Selena stopped to give her fans love

The popular musician made a stylish entrance with her Krewe du Optic shades and posed for photographs before proceeding further.

Here I am: The superstar pulled the same face for most of her sultry snaps on Wednesday

Here I am: The celebrity wore the same expression in the majority of her alluring photos posted on Wednesday.

Capturing the moment: She was a part of many social media snapshots on Wednesday

Seizing the moment: On Wednesday, she was featured in numerous social media photos.

Causing a stir: She certainly didn't seem to go unnoticed with her adoring fanbase in France

Creating a buzz: Her French fans couldn’t help but notice her as she caused quite a commotion.
Going all out: Selena showed off a more seductive appearance later on, compared to her earlier look.

Glam: It was yet another cool look

Tressed: Her hair faded into a subtle ombre

Without any concern for the weather, she confidently strode through the rain in her black heels, showing off her long legs. Former child stars Selena and Jaden, who share a close history with popular celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Cody Simpson, were seated together. In contrast, model Karlie opted to take a step back from the runway and enjoy the latest Paris Fashion Week presentations as a spectator. She stayed true to her glamorous style, wearing a cute red and navy pinafore-style dress and an aviator coat with shearling lining to keep her warm. While Karlie has been busy showcasing the latest fashion trends, Game of Thrones star Sophie has been taking a keen interest in them despite traveling all the way from the UK to attend. The two found company in each other during the event.

Front row friends: Old pals Selena and Jaden were seated together on the front row, and no doubt had plenty to catch up on

Seated side by side in the front row were two good friends, Selena and Jaden. It’s likely that they had a lot to talk about, given their history together.

The in crowd: Jaden looked cosy with Jennifer (left), who's no doubt strong pals with his famous father, Will Smith

Jaden seems to be part of the popular group as he appeared comfortable and friendly with Jennifer (on the left). It’s highly probable that she has a close bond with Jaden’s well-known dad, Will Smith.

Man of the moment: Designer Nicolas Ghesquiere and Selena, who met last year, posed for playful pictures together

The current talk of the town is none other than the talented designer Nicolas Ghesquiere who recently had a playful photo session with Selena. The two met last year, and their fun pictures have caught everyone’s attention.

A hug: He greeted Alicia with a hug

Mates: The designer greeted Jaden with a hand shake

The actor seemed to have a strong connection with both Alicia Vikander and Jaden Smith as they all posed together.

Show space: The show took place at the building of the Louis Vuitton Foundation on the Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi

Venue: The event was held at the Louis Vuitton Foundation building situated on Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi.

Walking the walk: Heavy-duty boots had a strong presence in the AW16 collection

The AW16 collection featured heavy-duty boots that were prominent in the show. In Paris, stylish celebrities such as Sophie Turner, Lea Seydoux, and Jaden Smith showed off their fashionable outfits. The Louis Vuitton Foundation building on the Avenue du Mahatma Gandhi underwent a futuristic makeover for another entertaining presentation. Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander was a popular topic of conversation, still basking in the glow of winning Best Supporting Actress in February. Bond girl and fellow actress Lea Seydoux was also in high demand by fashion enthusiasts, looking stunning in a block colour jacket and trendy pointed heels.

Red lips: She offset the image with yet more colour on her lips

Classic: While Alicia kept things natural

Lea and Alicia, who were the epitome of coolness, flaunted their fashion sense in the form of striking jackets as they graced the event with their presence.

Plenty to talk about: Karlie Kloss (left) caught up with Game Of Thrones actress Sophie Turner (right)

There is no shortage of interesting topics to discuss in the world of celebrities. Recently, Karlie Kloss had a conversation with Sophie Turner, who is best known for her role in Game Of Thrones. Meanwhile, Zendaya chose a leather dress, combined with ankle boots and a stylish red blouse for a sophisticated look.

I'm here: Though there was no Kendall Jenner to support, Kris Jenner was still a front row fixture

Here I am: Even without Kendall Jenner by her side, Kris Jenner made sure to maintain her presence in the front row.

Strong presence: US Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour was there to see the latest collections

Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of US Vogue, made an appearance to witness the latest collections being showcased.

Sunnies on: Her sunglasses stayed on

On she goes: Her big coat served her well in the rain

Despite the windy and rainy weather, the Kardashian celebrity did not let it stop her from going out. She dressed warmly to face the elements.

Battling the conditions: Lea Seydoux cowered beneath an umbrella to make sure her outfit wasn't ruined

Fighting against the elements: Lea Seydoux sought shelter under an umbrella to protect her attire from getting damaged.

Winner, winner: Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander wore her hands in her pockets as she arrived

Alicia Vikander, the winner of an Oscar award, made a stylish entrance with her hands tucked in her pockets.

Kooky: Karlie Kloss arrived in a red pinafore-style dress and chunky boots 

Quirky: Karlie Kloss made a grand entrance in a vibrant red pinafore dress paired with bold and chunky boots.

Head high: She didn't seem to mind the rain

Cute bag: Her bag was a retro style

Who is that lady? Selena confidently strutted in a stunning pair of snake print high heels.

Off the catwalk: Natalia Vodianova may not have been walking, but she oozed off-duty cool

Away from the runway: Natalia Vodianova exuded a laid-back and effortless style, despite not being on the catwalk.

Covering up: Selena added a chic black coat over her revealing dress as she left the dinner later in the evening

Selena looked effortlessly stylish as she left the dinner later in the evening, donning a sleek black coat to cover up her revealing dress.

Colourful: Jennifer Connelly, 45, showed off her legs in a pink mini skirt teamed with platform boots for the dinner

Vibrant: Jennifer Connelly, who is 45 years old, displayed her stunning legs in a mini skirt that was pink in color. She paired the skirt with platform boots while attending a dinner event.

Oh so chic: Alicia Vikander, 27, looked stunning in a white fluffy wrap and Louis Vuitton accessories

Oh so chic: Alicia Vikander, 27, looked stunning in a white fluffy wrap and Louis Vuitton accessories

Alicia Vikander, a stylish and young actress of 27 years, appeared breathtaking in a luxurious white wrap adorned with Louis Vuitton accessories.

Feeling shy: Jaden Smith dressed down for the stylish dinner to mark the end of PFW

Jaden Smith opted for a more casual look for the fashionable dinner that celebrated the conclusion of Paris Fashion Week. He appeared to be feeling shy as he dressed down for the occasion.

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