“Spreading Joy: Robert Downey Jr. Brings Smiles to Young Superfans at London Children’s Hospital”

Robert Downey Jr, known for his portrayal of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, paid a visit to the Great Ormond Street Hospital to meet some of his young fans who are undergoing cancer treatment. The actor spent the afternoon before the premiere of Captain America: Civil War in London on Tuesday with the patients and their families, giving out some Captain America merchandise. One of the lucky young fans was seven-year-old Ethan Miller who has the rare blood disease ITP and type 1 diabetes. Meeting his hero left him “over the moon”.

Dream come true: Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr has visited Great Ormond Street Hospital, where he met young fans on the cancer ward

Robert Downey Jr, who is famously known for his role as Iron Man, made a young cancer patient’s dream come true by visiting him at Great Ormond Street Hospital. The patient named Ethan has been in and out of the hospital for the last three years due to his illness. He watches Iron Man films frequently and even wears an Iron Man costume most of the time. Meeting his hero has brought absolute joy to Ethan, lifting his spirits immensely. During the visit, both of them posed together in the hospital chapel, where Ethan wore his Iron Man costume while striking the signature Iron Man pose alongside the Hollywood star.

Good deed: Ahead of the European premiere of Captain America: Civil War in London on Tuesday, the film's star spent Monday visiting patients and their families - pictured with Chloe Bowers, aged 5 from Ruislip

Chris Evans, the lead actor of Captain America: Civil War, did a kind act before the movie’s European premiere in London. He visited patients and their loved ones in a hospital on Monday. One of the heartwarming moments is when he posed with Chloe Bowers, a 5-year-old from Ruislip.

Say cheese: Rober was seen handing out Captain America goodies to his young fans - picturerd meeting young fan Michael, aged 7 from Edmonton

Rober was spotted sharing Captain America souvenirs with his young admirers, including Michael, a seven-year-old from Edmonton. The actor, who has been portraying Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, on the big screen since 2008, is renowned for utilizing his fame and acting talents to surprise and delight his little fans. Back in 2015, he paid a visit to Alex Pring, who was born with an underdeveloped right arm. Dressed head-to-toe as Tony Stark, the star presented Alex with a bionic Iron Man limb. He also went out of his way to cheer up a young boy battling cystic fibrosis. Donning a Tigger outfit, he posed for a heartwarming Instagram snap with the youngster before inviting him to the Captain America premiere.

What a hero: Downey has played Tony Stark - otherwise known as Iron Man - since 2008 (pictured  with Denisa Kapsalis, aged 7 from London)

It’s remarkable how Robert Downey Jr. has portrayed Tony Stark, popularly known as Iron Man, since the year 2008. He is truly a hero of his craft. In this picture, he is seen with a young fan named Denisa Kapsalis from London who must have been thrilled to meet him.

Great guy: The actor is known for using his fame and acting skills to surprise young fans - seen holding Charlie Dawson, one, from Southend-on-Sea, Essex

The famous actor uses his popularity and acting talents to pleasantly surprise his young fans; he was recently seen holding Charlie Dawson, a one-year-old from Southend-on-Sea, Essex. Great Ormond Street Hospital is among the top children’s units in the world, providing treatment to young patients with rare, complicated, and life-threatening ailments. Disney officials arranged the visit, and have been working with the hospital’s charity since 2008, raising over £10 million for the unit’s redevelopment. Several other famous personalities, including Johnny Depp, David Beckham, Lewis Hamilton, Nicole Scherzinger, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, have also visited the children’s charity.

Dream come true: Seven-year-old Ethan Miller, who suffers from the rare blood disease ITP as well as type 1 diabetes, was 'over the moon' to meet the Hollywood actor

A wish fulfilled: Ethan Miller, a young boy of seven, who is afflicted with the uncommon blood condition ITP and type 1 diabetes, was ecstatic after getting to meet his favorite Hollywood star.

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