Stunning Emily Ratajkowski flaunts toned legs in Daisy Duke shorts and opts for a braless look in NYC while taking a stroll with Colombo.

Emily Ratajkowski was spotted hanging out with her friends in New York City on Thursday, accompanied by her cute dog Colombo. The 32-year-old supermodel, who recently dyed her hair red, effortlessly showcased her summer style by wearing a pair of high-waisted denim shorts that were cinched with a black belt around her slim waist, revealing her toned legs. She paired it with a plain black tank top, white sneakers for comfort during the stroll, and accessorized the look with a pair of gold-hooped earrings and black sunglasses. Her long hair was parted in the middle and flowed naturally down past her shoulders, adding to her effortless beauty.

Relaxing outing: Emily Ratajkowski, 32, showcased her summer style as she stepped out with her adorable dog, Columbo, during an outing with close pals in New York City on Thursday

Enjoyable day out: Emily Ratajkowski, at the age of 32, exhibited her summer fashion as she went out with her cute dog, Columbo, along with her dear friends in New York City on Thursday.

Sense of style: The model had on a pair of very short Daisy Duke shorts that made the most of her slender legs

Pocket problem: They were so short, the inside of the pockets was exposed

The slender-legged model sported a pair of very short Daisy Duke shorts that revealed the inside of the pockets. Emily carried a Daunt Books tote bag to hold necessary items during her daytime trip, referencing the popular English bookstore chain. The star met up with some friends and their furry companions for a walk in the hot weather. Following their stroll, they decided to grab a bite at a restaurant located in the city center. In an interview with Grazia UK last year, Ratajkowski confessed that she initially felt overwhelmed by fashion when she started modeling full-time. However, as she grew more comfortable and confident in herself, she began to break the rules intentionally and draw inspiration from fashion history.

Pooch pal: She was with her adorable dog, Colombo, during an outing

During an outing, the former Nickelodeon actress was accompanied by her cute dog, Colombo. On Tuesday, she proudly revealed her new hair color while riding the subway in a tight-fitting black dress. She confirmed that it was not a filter and that she had changed her hair color to red for the summer season. Her hairstylist, Jenna Perry, shared in an InStyle article that Emily wanted something playful and fun for the summer, which she had never done before. To achieve the reddish hue, highlights and a red-colored gloss were added to her locks. According to Perry, since Emily might revert to her classic brunette shade, she opted for a temporary and low-maintenance approach to coloring her hair.

Summer style: The supermodel easily flaunted her toned legs in a pair of high-waisted denim shorts that were secured with a black belt around her slim waist

Summer fashion: The model confidently showed off her fit legs in high-waisted denim shorts held together by a sleek black belt that accentuated her slender waist.

Keeping it casual: The mother of one tucked in a plain, black tank top for a casual flare and slipped into a pair of white sneakers to stay comfortable for the relaxing stroll

Going for a laid-back look, the single mom wore a simple black tank top and paired it with white sneakers to make her walk more comfortable.

Enjoying the weather: Emily slung a Daunt Books tote bag over her right shoulder to hold a few items she needed during the daytime excursion

Emily casually prepared for her daytime adventure by carrying a tote bag from Daunt Books on her shoulder. It allowed her to keep all the necessary items she may need throughout the day. The weather was perfect, and she was ready to make the most out of it.

Flashy details: The star accessorized her look by adding a pair of gold-hooped earrings and threw on a pair of fashionable black shades

The celebrity enhanced her appearance with attractive gold hoop earrings and completed her style by wearing trendy black sunglasses.

Going red: The star's hair stylist, Jenna Perry, recently opened up to InStyle about the decision to go for a reddish hue in an article published on Wednesday

Jenna Perry, the hairstylist of the celebrity discussed in the article, has shared in an InStyle feature published on Wednesday about the choice to switch to a reddish tone for their hair.

On Thursday, Emily shared a photo on her Instagram stories showcasing her outfit and stylish locks while comfortably seated on a bed placed next to a white wall. This comes after her recent outing with friends, following the sexual assault allegations against her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, that surfaced three months ago. The couple, who got married in February 2018 and welcomed their son in March 2021, separated last year in September after rumors of cheating. Actor Benny Safdie, who worked with Sebastian on projects such as Uncut Gems, recently spoke out about the allegations, calling it “disgusting” and emphasizing the importance of being cautious. Sebastian was also fired from Elara Pictures, the production company he co-founded in 2014.

Having a blast! The supermodel was seen flashing a cheerful smile as she walked her dog along a sidewalk in the city

Having a great time! The top model was spotted beaming with joy while taking her furry companion for a walk on a city sidewalk.

Taking a break: After strolling in hot weather, the group took time to enjoy a bite to eat at a restaurant in the heart of the city

Pausing for a moment: Following a leisurely walk under the scorching sun, the gang decided to unwind and savor some food at a local eatery located in the bustling center of town.

Catching up: The model was seen catching up with a few of her friends who joined the star for the outing as they walked their dogs

Hanging out: The gorgeous model was spotted hanging out with a couple of her buddies who accompanied her on the excursion while they strolled around with their furry companions.

Confident: The My Body author confidently strolled about the Big Apple with her new hair color as she was joined by a few friends for a walk and a quick bite to eat

Assuredly: Accompanied by some companions, the author of My Body sauntered through New York City with her fresh hairdo and indulged in a leisurely stroll and a bite to eat, exuding confidence along the way.

Breaking silence: Her latest outing with pals comes shortly after actor, Benny Safdie, broke his silence on her ex-husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard's, sexual assault allegations that came to light three months earlier

Recently, she was spotted hanging out with her friends. This happened just after actor Benny Safdie spoke up about the sexual assault allegations that were made public about her former spouse, Sebastian Bear-McClard, three months ago.

Fashionable: Emily further showed off her outfit for the day, as well as her stylish locks, by sharing a photo to her Instagram stories on Thursday

Trendy: On Thursday, Emily shared a snapshot of her attire and chic hairstyle with her followers on Instagram stories.

New hair color: The former Nickelodeon actress proudly debuted her new hair color earlier on Tuesday as she rode the subway in a figure-hugging black dress

The ex-Nickelodeon star made a confident entrance with her fresh hair color on Tuesday while commuting in the subway, donning a tight-fitting black dress.

Busy mama: The star also focuses on raising her two-year-old little boy, Sylvester, as well as working behind-the-scenes for her swimwear line, Inamorata, and her High Low podcast

As a mom who’s always on-the-go, the celebrity is determined to give her undivided attention to her adorable two-year-old boy named Sylvester. Aside from being a hands-on mom, she’s also actively working behind the scenes for her swimwear collection, Inamorata, and her own podcast called High Low.

After breaking up with Sebastian, Emily has been rumored to be dating several famous personalities including Harry Styles, Eric Andre, Pete Davidson, and DJ Orazio Rispo. Despite her busy love life, the author of My Body is fully committed to taking care of her two-year-old son and managing her swimwear brand, Inamorata, as well as her High Low podcast. In an interview with Refinery 29, she confessed that she struggles to find balance in her jam-packed schedule. Emily wears many hats, from being a single mother, a full-time model, a podcaster, a writer, to running a read-to-wear business. It might seem crazy, but she enjoys doing all these things.

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