“Stylish Emily Ratajkowski Rocks a Brown Leather Jacket and Louis Vuitton for Night Out with Friends in NYC”

Emily Ratajowski, the well-known supermodel famed for posing in front of the world’s most renowned fashion photographers, opted for a low-key look during her dinner plans at the upscale Mamo restaurant in New York City on Saturday night. She kept it simple by wearing high-waisted black trousers and carrying a Louis Vuitton bag on her shoulder.

All black ensemble: Supermodel Emily Ratajowski decided to cut a low-profile figure for her dinner plans at French-Italian swanky Mamo restaurant in New York City on Saturday night

Supermodel Emily Ratajowski opted for an all-black outfit as she kept a low profile during her dinner at the upscale French-Italian restaurant, Mamo, in New York City on Saturday evening.

On Saturday evening, model Emily sported a chic up-do with her dark hair and allowed her fringe to add a beautiful frame to her face. She paired her look with a stylish brown and black cropped leather jacket featuring silver hardware detailing on the zips. Her straight-legged trousers mostly concealed her classy pointed boots, which had intricate detailing on the toe cap area. Emily kept her accessories minimal and wore only a pair of simple gold earrings, completing her outfit effortlessly.

Low profile: Wearing a simple pair of high waisted black trousers, the 31-year-old paired the look with a high-necked, long sleeve light jumper, adding a Louis Vuitton bag over her shoulder

The 31-year-old celebrity maintained a low-key appearance by donning a plain pair of black high-waisted trousers, coupled with a light-colored jumper with long sleeves that covered her neck. To complete the outfit, she carried a Louis Vuitton bag over her shoulder. Accompanied by some security personnel, she was safely escorted from a fancy restaurant to her car. Her companion, on the other hand, was seen walking next to her while holding a takeaway bag from Mamo New York. Recently, the actress and model expressed her thoughts on social media, stating that the online community can be detrimental to women’s mental and emotional well-being, as it presents unrealistic and curated standards.

Model behaviour: The mother-of-one wore her raven tresses in a quick up-do while leaving her fringe to frame her face beautifully

Emily Ratajkowski, a supermodel and actress who is also a mother, has expressed her thoughts on social media and the Me Too movement. According to her, social media can be toxic as it inundates people with images and an idea of beauty. However, she also sees Instagram as a platform that allows her to control her image in a way that modelling does not. She believes that as a model, one gives up control over their images to other people. In addition, Emily has opened up about the state of the Me Too movement in a TikTok video, stating that it hasn’t made any significant changes in the world. She supports her viewpoint by explaining that there has been a lack of progress because men are afraid of the consequences of their actions rather than understanding why they need to change their actions. She suggests that other changes need to be made rather than relying solely on the Me Too movement or cancel culture.

'No progress': Emily expressed in a new TikTok video on Friday that the Me Too movement has 'not changed things in the world'

In a recent TikTok video, Emily shared her disappointment about the Me Too movement, stating that there has been “no progress” in changing the world.

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