“Sun-soaked Fun: Dua Lipa and Friends Flaunt Vibrant Bikinis During Tour Break”

Dua Lipa is enjoying her summer with her close friends. The 26-year-old singer of the hit song “Levitating” recently uploaded pictures on Instagram over the weekend, featuring herself and four buddies, including her sister, Rina Lipa, donning bright-colored bikinis. Dua also wore matching orange sunglasses to complete her look. The post was captioned as “Sunbums,” indicating the fun and carefree vibe of the group.
Currently, Dua Lipa is busy with her Future Nostalgia world tour, which was delayed in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She recently concluded a performance in Budapest last August 10th. She’s taking a break until September and spending quality time with her friends during this period.

Aside from entertaining her fans, Lipa also dedicates her time to philanthropy. She recently revealed on her Instagram account that she is actively participating in a music organization.

The @sunnyhillfoundation and @musikmakarna have collaborated to launch a fresh initiative for gifted young songwriters in Kosovo. In a post online, the foundation shared pictures of the students taking part in the program. The foundation expressed their amazement at the talent and productivity of the students within just a few days of starting the program. They were truly inspired and are looking forward to further collaborations in the future to see this scheme develop into something remarkable.

In an interview with NPR in April, Lipa discussed how she was able to conquer self-doubt in her profession by putting all of her attention on her music.

At one point, I was content with my life and doing everything I wanted to do. However, there were individuals who made me feel inadequate and unworthy of pursuing music. It was during the creation of my album Future Nostalgia that I learned not to let others’ opinions affect me. Now, I am impervious to criticism because I know that as long as I am passionate about what I do and put my heart into my work, no one can diminish my talent. To maintain my mental health and flourish in my profession, I had to remove myself from Twitter, which has been a lifeline for me.

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