Surprising Revelation: Angelina Jolie and Jared Leto Once Dated!

As per the recent buzz, Angelina Jolie seems to have found love again in the form of Jared Leto, an actor best known for his role in the movie Suicide Squad. Interestingly, the two have been acquaintances for about 20 years now. With the news of Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson’s alleged relationship making rounds, it looks like Angelina has also moved on. According to sources close to Angelina, she and Jared Leto are seeing each other secretly.

Jared Leto and the star of “The Tomb Secret” have been acquaintances for almost 20 years. They initially crossed paths during the filming of “Girl, Interrupted” in 1999, but it was not until they worked together on “Alexander” in 2003 that they developed a more collaborative relationship.

According to a source from OK! magazine, they have been close friends for a long time and share a strong bond. The source further added that Jared has managed to bring back Angelina’s happiness and she finds comfort in his company. He is exactly what she needs at this point in her life.

A source from OK! revealed that during Angelina Jolie’s breakup with Brad Pitt, Jared Leto was a great support system for her. A photo of the two celebrities together in 2004 shows Leto on the far left and Jolie.

According to an OK! source, when Angelina Jolie officially filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, one of the first people she turned to was Jared. The source revealed that Jared reached out to Angelina to check on her and they had several conversations over the following weeks.

Angelina Jolie has recently come out with a new movie, despite the emotional difficulty of going through a divorce.

Angelina Jolie has revealed the initial advertisement for her movie, First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers, which she also helmed. This exciting news comes to us from vtv.

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