“The Hilarious and Uncomfortable Review of the Latest Expendables Sequel by a Mercenary”

Scott Waugh’s adrenaline-fueled flick features Jason Statham flaunting his combat prowess and trademark eyebrow-raising technique. Meanwhile, the rest of the cast, led by Sylvester Stallone, strive to match the thrilling pace of the movie.

Watching the Expendables 4 cast struggle to deliver their scripted “casual banter” is like seeing strongmen in The World’s Strongest Man event trying to climb a ladder while carrying a massive tire. It’s painful to watch, which is probably why the filmmakers mostly confine the main characters in a metal cell and let Jason Statham shine with his knives and iconic raised eyebrows. Unlike some of his co-stars who are more like statues than actors, Statham has undeniable screen presence and can hold his own against martial arts legend Tony Jaa in an exciting fight scene. Fans of fight sequences will also appreciate a stunning cameo from Indonesian master Iko Uwais. However, these moments of brilliance cannot make up for the overused plot of a stolen nuclear weapon that feels as old as a botched hip replacement.

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