“The Ultimate Action Star Duo: Jason Statham and David Ayer team up for Levon’s Trade, inspired by a screenplay from Sylvester Stallone”

David Ayer is set to direct and produce Levon’s Trade, a new film written by Sylvester Stallone. The movie will star Jason Statham as Levon Cade, the lead character adapted from a novel by Chuck Dixon. Stallone previously received an Oscar nomination for his script for Rocky in 1977 and also wrote Creed II in 2018. Ayer is known for directing Suicide Squad and the Brad Pitt-starring Fury. Levon’s Trade follows the story of Cade, who left his dangerous black ops job to work in construction and be a good father to his daughter. But when his boss’ daughter goes missing, Cade is pulled back in and must confront a criminal conspiracy threatening his peaceful life. Filming for the movie will begin in March 2024 in London.

The upcoming film, Levon’s Trade, has been produced by Bill Block, the founder of Block Films and former employee of Miramax. Despite leaving his previous job earlier this month, Block is excited to be working with director David Ayer once again. He stated that he is delighted to be collaborating with some of his most talented partners on this project, including Jason and Ayer. The trio previously worked together on The Beekeeper, and Block is confident that they have assembled the perfect team for bringing the first novel in the Levon Cade series to the big screen. Levon’s Trade is based on one of 11 books in the series, which was originally being developed as a TV show by Balboa Productions, owned by Sylvester Stallone. However, the project has now turned into a film, and it remains to be seen whether it will become a franchise. We will keep you up-to-date with any further developments on Levon’s Trade.

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