“Unleashing Jason Statham’s Hidden Humor: 10 Hilarious Moments That Will Leave You Rolling on the Floor”

People who have watched movies like Crank, Snatch, or Lock, Stock know that Jason Statham is a funny person, despite his usually quiet demeanor in video interviews. In Paul Feig’s Spy, which is a comedy about espionage, Statham shows just how hilarious he can be when he wants to. This is why it’s time to revisit some of the funniest moments from his career outside of cinema, just to remind those who don’t believe that secretly, all this time, he’s been one of the best comedians in the business. For example, there was an advertisement where Jason Statham beat up people using the power of Downton Abbey.

Comcast Xfinity hired Jason Statham to showcase the versatility of their streaming service, demonstrating that it can be used on-the-go. As he watches Downton Abbey on his iPad, Jason beats people up on a plane to emphasize the convenience of streaming anywhere. Mission accomplished.

New ad concept: Jason Statham takes a trip through different eras while driving various cars.

When he isn’t using tea trays to deflect rocket-propelled grenades, The Transporter can typically be found driving around in an Audi and transporting various items. But what happens when you put him in cars that aren’t Audis and set him in different time periods? This is exactly what this video aims to answer. In it, Jason Statham serves as a reminder that you are not a salmon, as he takes on various driving challenges in different vehicles and eras.

I haven’t seen a better Kit Kat advertisement before or after the one with the panda from the ’80s. That one was alright. Moving on, have you watched the chat show skit where Jason Statham breaks a Russian metal detector? It’s quite hilarious!

When Jason Statham appears on Russian talk shows, the language barrier can create difficulties. However, a little bit of playful banter involving weapons can help ease the situation. Check out this hilarious chat show skit where Jason Statham arm wrestles Jimmy Fallon!

The fun of arm wrestling isn’t just in the physical competition, it’s in the clever insults thrown between opponents. For example, one might say “Once I win, I’m starting a crowdfunding campaign to make a Gilmore Girls movie!” If only the movie Over The Top had more witty banter like this during the arm wrestling scenes, it would have been even better. In a hilarious chat show skit, Jason Statham and Jimmy Fallon read Oprah’s “Favorite Things” list with comedic flair.

Among the items that Oprah considers as her favorites are Kit Kats, the Transporter movie series, and bald martial artists. Additionally, there is a chat show skit featuring Jason Statham and Jimmy Fallon engaging in a water war.

It’s hilarious to witness The Stath drenched in water, but it’s the sounds of childlike laughter that truly make this video clip. And let’s not forget about the massive Super Soaker that’s used in the fun. In another amusing skit, Jason Statham participates in a hamster ball race with Jimmy Fallon on a chat show.

Imagine a hilarious scenario where Jason Statham and Jimmy Fallon are both enclosed in Zorbs and tasked to race against one another. However, the outcome is unexpected as everyone ends up being the winner. But hold on, what’s happening? A man in a panda suit starts dancing for no apparent reason and steals the show. It’s safe to say that he’s the real winner here. In another comical chat show skit, watch as Jason Statham engages in a game of “Slapjack” with Jimmy Fallon and see who comes out on top.

Don’t bother with traditional games like arm wrestling or water wars. Nowadays, guys settle their disputes by hitting each other over the head with giant fake hands when one loses at blackjack. It’s become quite the punishment! In a recent chat show skit, Jason Statham even pretended to punch Jimmy Kimmel.

Jason Statham was recently discussing his experience fighting against Vin Diesel in the movie Fast and Furious 7. He described the concept as “totally ridiculous” and “the stupidest thing you could ever do.” However, in a humorous turn of events less than two minutes later on the Jimmy Kimmel show, Statham found himself in a knuckle sandwich. Additionally, there is a bonus clip of Statham not appearing on Chatroulette.

Mr Jilbertoo, a YouTube prankster, used recycled footage of Jason Statham speaking to a webcam from another source to trick several Russian chatroom users into thinking they were talking to the famous actor. Despite not actually being Jason Statham, many of the chatroom users did not realize this and became very excited. While technically not involving Jason Statham, this prank should not be overlooked, although the poor audio quality detracts from the overall experience. Nonetheless, it may still provide some laughs.

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