Vogue Gets Up Close and Personal with Dua Lipa: 73 Questions Answered!

Dua Lipa, the cover star of Vogue’s June/July issue, chats about her ongoing “Future Nostalgia” tour while also discussing her passion for dancing, yoga, astrology, and even Crocs. The interview was directed by George Wasgatt and conducted by Joe Sabia, with Jess Dunlap as the director of photography and Evan Allan as the editor. Other members of the production team included Jordin Rocchi as the senior producer, Ajiri Akpolo as the first AC, and Adam Goral as the gaffer. The shoot took place at The Forum, with Jen Atkin as the hair stylist, Sam Lau as the makeup artist, and Lorenzo Posocco as the wardrobe stylist. The post-production team included Andrea Farr as the post-production coordinator and Marco Glinbizzi as the post-production supervisor, among others. Overall, Dua Lipa’s interview provides insights into various aspects of her life and personality.

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